Merry Christmas From Hong Kong!

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3rd Christmas in China – Christmas 2009 was working mostly, Christmas 2008 at my friends China apartment almost a 4th as I just came back to China end of 2007,spending Christmas in Florida….

This year was a split between Shenzhen, China for Christmas eve, “chilling” at Cheers bar with my friend Marshall, doing some bar hopping in the area…..and then today, Christmas day crossing the Shenzhen border into Hong Kong, with my friend Andy Blahnik and his now wife Rica! Three of us took it easy, grocery shopping in the afternoon and then cooking turkey (still in the oven now!)

Original plans this Christmas was to be in the Philippines, but last minute changes due to quick progress with Getting excited going into 2011, and have to prioritize things… year Philippines Christmas for sure.

I am just lucky to have so many great friends, all over the world….and the story, and the future continues as we move into 2011…

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  1. I really hope so buddy! You’ll be a hit here with everyone trying to make you eat the most amount of food you’ve ever seen in your whole life, not to mention not knowing what a few of these are (i.e. balut, pork vagina, kidding!), dance the latest dance crazes invented by game show dancers (like Showtime), sing videoke with an SMB/Tanduay/Fundador shot in hand. All with friends and family who will just make you feel at home. You’ll be the star of the show here too for sure specially since Filipinos really appreciate a foreign-born guy celebrating the most impt occasion here in our country. And they will make you feel that.

    That’s why I think Philippine Christmas is one of the best – not as lavish in some places in the country but the fun is not lacking. Its the purity of the celebration in this predominantly Catholic country that somehow makes it quite charming. Celebrate it here in 2011! And invite friends to come over so they could experience Philippine Xmas too! I’ll make sure y’all have a grand time!

    1. Author

      yea …sorry dude……… know my reasons for leaving Manila! I came back to Manila for a few things, and one biggie was your New Years party!! We’ll make a 2011 plan, ok bro!

  2. GLAD YOU had great day
    we went to live play orlando

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