Finding Happiness (A Tweet From Justin Kan)

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Finding Happiness (A Tweet From Justin Kan)

Been trying to get more active on Twitter, but I do hop on to check every now and again. This specific tweet had been favorited by a few of my friends so was on my radar:

(In case that Twitter embed breaks – here is a copy / paste):

A few weeks I wrote out what I’ve been doing to improve my baseline happiness. I originally wrote it to send only to personal friends. Some of them encouraged me to share it publicly. I hope its useful to some of you!

Reading the Google doc

Hopping over to the link – it was a Google doc (very strange it wasn’t a blog post) that had quite a nice refresher on how we should all be happy.

Seems he is reading many of the same concepts that I have been – also the meditation is in there as a main point. Life changer for me too (read more on meditation I have gone through here)


Really, my main takeaway from Justin’s amazing summary of happiness is – realizing that life is a game. There are rules, and we all want to win – but we need to take it easy sometimes as well.

Enjoy his post – for those not familiar with twitter (the embed above) here’s a direct link to his google doc

How Do You Find Happiness?

I’d love to hear!

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