When Things Get Overwhelming, Take a Deep Breath, HALT, and Get it Done!

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Think it’s the tough times that define us as people the most…..when you feel like everything is against you and the world is collapsing around you. I am sure I’m not the only one who has days like this. Dolly Pardon would say that in order to enjoy the sunshine we gotta learn how to put up with the rain.

And sometimes, when it rains, it pours. But I have to hold my breath….step back. Realize that I knew it wouldn’t be easy, I can’t take the easy way out, and just gotta deal with it.

I remember watching a TV commercial back in USA….something like, when times get rough, take a deep breath and think to yourself…before I go and do something I may regret later…

Don’t let yourself get…..too….

HUNGRY – did you eat? Are you eating regularly? Healthy food?

ANGRY – Maybe the specific situation you’re in isn’t even the center of your anger? Why are you angry? Is it something in your control?

LONELY – Maybe you’re missing someone….or you have been locked up in your office or room too much?

TIRED – This is a common one for me personally….usually the center of all my stress and agrivation… that I’m not getting regular sleep, and overworking myself….so often I lose control of my emotions because I’m so exhausted. And I think this is a common issue with all businessmen, especially entrepreneurs.

See that!? H.A.L.T. it has saved me time and time again from saying something or doing something that I would regret later. Holding my breath, and thinking through each of these H.A.L.T. items.

Another way…. Writing down all my stress and pressure always helps me, and I’m not going to have secrets, so enjoy sharing it for those who care to read here on my blog:

    Startup weekend is top priority this week, have Silicon Valley guys coming, some high level VCs and businessmen here too….and getting decent amount of applications. The team really came together the past week and we are looking to be in great shape for this coming weekend!
  • Chinese Ecommerce launch party. Past saturday rushing around to the opening ceremony for ecommerce dropship platform entering USA via the Los Angeles, domestic USA warehouse. Same day in a high-level speaker organizing event for upcoming Chinese ecommerce meeting Nov 19-20. Will be blogging on it soon.
  • Techcrunch party was a lot of fun, but of course a couple days of visiting venues, designing posters, printing, phone calls with attendees, etc.
  • Startup Tuesday…every week is too much. Going to re-organize it to be once or twice a month instead.
  • Working on Brazilian ecommerce joint venture deal… not yet public want to debute it bit bigger, but really excited about it. Want it to be a big launch.
  • Working on cooperating with Chinese ecommerce society to bring Chinese businessmen into USA. Six trips next year in planning…connecting them with American business travel agencies. (future post will go into more detail)
  • NewYorkBarStore audit by SEO due diligence expert Doug Pierce while learning how to “import Americans” into China for ecommerce and SEO.
  • Still dealing with drama in the Philippines with my scholar still trying to get her job back. I can’t look soft, my team has told me my respect will go down if I take her back, and it will set a bad example for how future issues like this in the staff are dealt with in the future.

So there it goes, just typing this all out has been therapeutic! Its mental training. emotional intelligence. Learning what you are good at, testing your limits and going above and beyond.

Hope this post helps some people be more proactive to be aware of their internal feelings before making emotional decisions.


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  1. wow —
    got it all out 
    keep the faith

    1. Yup…. never give up. Challenges mean opportunity

      Michael Michelini
      eCommerce Consultant
      twitter/weibo @michelini

  2. “Startup Tuesday…every week is too much. Going to re-organize it to be once or twice a month instead.”
    >> Good idea, I think!

    1. Thanks for comment Renaud … yes… talking to people and seems monthly is destiny

      Michael Michelini
      eCommerce Consultant
      twitter/weibo @michelini
      On Nov 10, 2011 10:19 PM, “Disqus”

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