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Daily Struggle in the Philippines

This was written when I was coming back and forth to Philippines quite a bit. Those years I learned a lot about myself and life. Appreciating what we have, and trying to put life in perspective. I have huge respect for Filipinos who go through some of this daily grind day in and day out, I believe things have improved since writing this blog but we also need to remember. Read about the struggle

Are you a Left Thumb or a Right Thumb Brain?

Ha, a funnier blog post – but one that people have enjoyed and had some controversy about. There is some game I learned from a friend in Brazil – that if we quickly put our hands together there is some meaning about who we are. Which thumb are you?

Single Moms in the Philippines

More of the trend on “Daily struggle in the Philippines” this topic is more focused on the huge population of single mothers in Philippines. I write up some of my perspective and discussions I had with single moms in PI. So many blog comments on this one, some quite rude and vulgar (I may delete a bunch some day to be honest, such pigs) Read about single moms in the Philippines

How Do You Live Your Dash

My dad scanned a paper and emailed me – as he does with many motivating articles he found. Turned out to be a funeral poem by Linda Ellis. Very touching and also got quite a bit of comments, as well as disputes from the author. How do you live your dash?

Cultural Differences Between Philippines and China

Having experience living and working in both China and Philippines, I wrote up an article where I compare and contrast. Both in the Asia region, but would say operate almost totally different! Check the cultural differences here

Process of Marrying a Chinese As An American

I’m a US citizen and I married a Chinese woman. I found conflicting advise (from the internet and from bar talk) so decided to document the process I went through to help future marriages. learn the process here

Foreigners Leaving China

To be honest I thought I would stay in China longer than I did (10 years) – but eventually even I left. This blog (and video) I created when my friend Terry Lin was leaving, and we documented the reasoning. Understand why foreigners are leaving China

Funny Idea of Management

A random photo and perspective of how management treats its staff. Just a little gag to keep your day interesting that has gotten good engagement and feedback. Chuckle at this management structure

Why Chinese Don’t Reply To My Emails

I came to China for this reason (well one of them). So frustrated why my emails didn’t get replied to, I had to move to China to find out why – and share here. Understand why Chinese don’t reply to emails here

Don’t Wish It Were Easier – Wish You Were Better

My dad and I love motivational poems, and here I share some perspective and ideas on it. Make it better

John Lennon The Meaning of Life Quote

Amazing how just a few words can change our thinking and perspective. In this blog we dissect John Lennon’s amazing quote on life. John Lennon’s meaning of life

Book Review – Cashvertising

If you are a copywriter or business owner – you need to read this book! I have it noted on the side of my laptop as a constant reminder – and in this blog post I talk about the book’s amazing LF8 – Life Force 8 concept. Cashvertising book review

Getting a Baby’s USA Passport From Overseas

My children were born in China but have US passports (are US citizens). We made that decision, and in this blog we discuss how we did it. USA passport overseas process

Poem About Poor People

What is rich and what is poor? In this blog post we discuss who is truly wealthy and hopefully give you some new life perspective on money and life’s priorities. read the poem about poor people

Face Your Past Without Regrets & More

Another interesting motivating poem and saying – to deal with your past, handling the present moment, and preparing for the future – to the best of your ability. Learn to Face it!

Getting a Chinese Driver’s Permit

More tutorials on China life and living as a foreigner. Although I’m no longer in China, hope these guides can help out future expats. Find out the process here

Story of 2 Fishermen: A Life Lesson

More motivational and perspective for each of us in the daily grind called life. What are we working so hard to achieve, what is your end goal? These 2 fishermen discuss. 2 Fishermen poem right here

Living With Chinese In-Laws

A funny one, but a serious one in fact. As a foreigner marrying a Chinese woman (or man) prepare to also marry their parents and extended family! (Or is this true for all marriages?) In this blog I discuss. read my insights here

Inspired By Movie: Rudy

A classic movie I recommend everyone to sit down and watch (or read if it is a book?) In this blog we dive in to the reaction of the movie. Does Rudy Inspire you Too?

Comparing Asian Child Upbringing To My Western Experience

I wrote this blog post before I had kids! But it is even more interesting now that I do have kids. And here I discuss what I see as Asian children are raised and compare it to my experiences being a child in the Western world. Read the differences here.

Copying Products Overseas: Another Perspective

While working deep in Chinese factories and with Power eBay and Amazon sellers, I was given a new perspective. What is copying a product, and who is copying who. I recommend thinking about this and reviewing this blog to understand the other side’s perspective.

Copying a Product Overseas, is it so bad??

Studying How To Import Into China

We all dream to import and export all over the world (well, that is a dream of mine!). Yet we wonder what is the best way to do it. Many years ago I did my best to explain – in a personal layman’s way – here on the blog. read about importing process here

Differences of Mainland China and Hong Kong

Maybe this blog post will get the website here blocked – but it is something many people are asking. What is the difference of Hong Kong SAR (special administrative region) and Mainland China: PRC (People’s Republic of China). Here we share some differences and how you should treat them.

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Growing Up As a Mixed Chinese Baby

Talking to some moms and dads at a mixed baby party.

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Rent a White Guy

Is renting a white guy in China really a thing?

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E-Estonia Residency

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