Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better

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This is a quote from Jim Rohn, i just found on twitter – I am always using twitter updates to keep me positive and motivated….as people there I follow post all kinds of crazy stuff, keeps my days interesting

Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better – Jim Rohn

I have to keep this in mind EVERY damn day! Seriously…..because I lose my patience, i push hard to make things work….and sometimes i curse why things are the way things are, and why they aren’t in the format they need to be for me to get things done easier.

But that is the wrong way to think…..i have to keep working to make myself to become stronger, faster, quicker. Think clearly under pressure. Just get things done. No excuses. What am i gonna do, cry about it? complain? Yell, pout, stomp my feet, throw my phone….none of these things will fix the problem at hand. what they tell me is that i have to improve my thought process. Critical thinking. Management of my ideas. And of better management of people. Manage expectations…..Keep everyone in line for a common goal. Make a plan. Be prepared for problems along the way.

Its such a quick and easy quote…..yet so powerful to me…..analyzing it piece by piece:

Dont wish it were easier– because if it were easier, then everyone could and would be doing it. Amd we want a challenge. Right. We want to havw challenges because they mean its opportunity for us. We can learn from these difficult tasks. and it deters the average person on the street from doing it as well.

Wish you were better – because this is what life is about…..learning, growing, adapting. If we stay at the same level all our lives….we will become stale, and eventually flounder…we need to grow. Keep challenging ourselves. Our mind is our greatest asset. Not money, but our ability to THINK our way through problems.

Anyway, hope this quote inspires you as much as it inspires me. Again, we cannot blame anyone but ourselves for the situations we get ourselves in. We make our own life decisions, and we have to accept them. We have to learn to deal with the cards we are dealt in life – and maximizing it.