Story of 2 Fishermen – Life Lesson?

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With all the things I’ve been getting involved with, I think back to an interesting story…I think it was good, reliable, relaxed friend Scott Katin. Well, before I start reflecting on it, let me do my best to re-write it here.

Story of 2 Fishermen
2 fishermen are sitting in on a quiet beach, each day they catch fish, some to eat, some to sell to make a living. They grow up together, living life and sharing stories and chatting.

Then one day, one of the fisherman says “I want to try to make something of myself….I want to become something! I’m going to do it, go out into the world and become a success!”
2 chinese fishermen monterey bancroft
The remaining, content fisherman says “I wish you the best my friend, but I enjoy my life right here”

So the departing fisherman does just that, works hard, gets a corporate / office job. Climbs the “corporate ladder” and builds his wealth. Gets the corporate car, awesome promotion, retirement savings account.

Later, the corporate fisherman retires from the corporate world. He retires.

…..where do you think he retires to…????

He returns to the fishermen village. And he picks up a fishing pole and sits next to his old friend.

He turns to his old friend and says “hows everything? I missed it so much here. I worked so hard, made something of myself, made some money, look at me”

The long time friend replies, “welcome back, I’ve been enjoying life right here all along”.


And that story should make all of us think. What are we here to do? Make money? Make business? No, while some of may enjoy that, we are here to enjoy our lives, share stories with our loved ones, and pass knowledge from generation to generation.

Then I sit back and think, am I living the right way? I’m here in China, on the other side of the world from my family, and my hometown friends. They are “fishing” back home, but then again, I know they are routing the best for me. And I want to bridge the divide of east and west. I love to share stories I have experienced in USA to eager, hungry Chinese listeners. Also, I am just starting to give some guest presentations to a local university, Shenzhen Tourism College Jinan University e-business students about USA and China ecommerce differences and similarities.

So I am trying not to just make money, but also share and learn. As I realize that is what life is about. And if I can help others to think outside the box, and grow, then maybe this is why I can justify “leaving my hometown fisherman village”.

Can you justify why you left your hometown fisherman village? What will you tell them after you retire and return – what will you have accomplished. Just money, or more?