Just Watched The Movie “Rudy” for Inspiration

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At my parent’s house and looked through the DVD collection, finding a classic and favorite of mine – “Rudy” – to inspire me this Sunday evening in Florida. Just been an overwhelming time for me going between all these countries and business developments, etc….just have to take a couple hours and get some motivational movies in.

Rudy, the movie, man does it still get me pumped. Here are a few reasons why – definitely watch it if you have the time

  • Common, lower / middle class family – He was “just” a kid whose father worked at the local factory to provide for the family. The father expected his sons to get a job at the factory after their local schooling. It was a decent paying, steady job that had a good union to protect them. The father wouldn’t expect more from his sons, being a “Ruettiger” (their family name), they were meant to be average, honest working guys.
  • Rudy was a dreamer – in high school and to his friends, he was drifting off in class. His catholic school teachers, priests, said dreamers never amount to anything, because they just think of things but never commit to them, or execute on their dreams by putting it down on paper.
  • Rudy had focus problems – he genuinely had a focus problem that hindered him from being as good of a studier as the other students.
  • Rudy never gave up – even though his dad chuckled when Rudy said he was going to play for the Irish football team one day, Rudy kept on going. He saved his money while working at the factory, he found ways to get into a nearby University, he kept getting knocked down but just get right back up – both mentally and physically (during football practice)
  • Rudy had heart, ran off emotion – his energy was addictive. At first people around him would think he was crazy to be so passionate, to keep trying so hard when others were lightening up (towards the end of the football season, for example) – people sometimes would call him a brown nose (suckup, trying to flatter the coach), and it would anger them, but normally over time everyone would get motivated by his aura as well. his relentless, unstoppable pursuit of his DREAMS. Those dreams that everyone back home thought was unreal, unachievable.
  • We just have to go for it…..I’m getting a little bit scared lately, hey, I get that a lot….because I am challenging myself, thinking outside the box, taking risks. Wonder what will happen each damn day I wake up. It makes us stronger. And hopefully it motivates you as well!

    Grab your copy of the Rudy Movie today!

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