Are You a Right Thumb (intellect) or Left Thumb (emotion)?

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I spent a night out with 2 friends Alex and Manu from IES Trading Brazil and its always great to get perspectives and ideas. They asked me to fold my hands together – and looked at which thumb was on top.

Try It Out For Yourself First

Before you scroll down and ruin the surprise – quickly put your two hands together and see which of your thumbs you naturally put on top!


Let’s see the results..

Left Thumb On Top…

Is your left thumb the winner?

Then it means you think with your HEART and are more of an emotional thinker.

Right Thumb On Top…

Is your right thumb the winner?

Then it means you think with your BRAIN and are more of an intelligent thinker.

So, What Do You Think?

I had the left thumb on top. Which meant that I make decisions based on my heart – and emotions. If I were to have my right thumb on top then it would mean I make decisions based on my brain – or intellect.

We were in a local bar, and had a few others do it as well. The strangest thing is, most of the Chinese people we had to it put their right thumb on top, which a majority of the foreigners had their left…..

Very strange….but in a way, it makes sense from my experience. In China, deep in the culture, people follow the rules, reasoning, and process / structured leadership. While I feel in the western world, more of the decisions and thought process are open minded and creative.

I am definitely in agreement with my being an emotional thinker. While I have constantly been giving constructive (and yes, sometimes destructive too) feedback that I am stupid and I think with my emotions rather then reason – I am who I am. Maybe its the 25% Italian inside me. I am a bit hot tempered at times, don’t always think things through, and if need be, willing to lose in the short term to hope to gain in the long term – and keep my “face” or my respect at the same time.

Just keep on trucking, understand who you are, what drives you, and use that to live life as best you can.

Years later (2014) I am re-reading this post – and I still really believe it has some sense to it – I keep finding myself being a left thumb!

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  1. Haha..I had the right thumb on top. So it would mean I decide based on logical thinking? Physically, head is placed higher than your heart. The mind seek some advise from the heart and end up to be the last one who will decide. I think logical thinking between emotional thinking should be balanced. It always depend on the situation.

    1. Author

      hey Marie,
      haha, good balance then – I need more people who have their right thumb on top in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I want to be an even bigger extreme left thumb……so need more people to help me balance the right side

  2. i got my left thumb on top too. n yes i’m emtional ;P

    we’v another saying that for palm reading, we always read the hand with thumb at bottom. but not sure~

  3. Also means you are more intuitive, and creative. You can solve problems outside of the box, and can analyze information visually not just factually.

    All positives in my book.

  4. Total rubbish. I NEVER think with emotion, that’s the irrational lib/left way, and I fold my hands left-thumb-over- right. I also had someone tell me that I “couldn’t be hypnotized” due to this digital arrangement, and although I don’t know the truth of this, I certainly wouldn’t draw any conclusions on hearsay.

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