Leveraging Life Force 8 – Cashvertising Book Review

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LF8 is now stuck on my laptop frame.

Life force 8 was my big takeaway – of many – from reading Ca$hvertising book by Drew Eric Whitman.

What are these life force 8? I’m going to recap from my own memory and interpretation below.

The Life Force 8

What is a life force 8? It is something we need to have in order to, live. Or maybe better said it is something that makes us buy. It is something when we write our sales pages and copy we should focus on – as these are the triggers that make the potential customer (lead) take action and pull out their wallet.

So let’s dig into each of these

Basic Life Survival

1. Survival – this makes me think of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – we all need basic food and shelter. Makes sense this is the first point of the 8. We have to be able to live day to day, so if there is any product you have the chance to sell that keeps someone alive, well, you have an easy job making sales copy for it.


2. Enjoyment – We all want to be happy. I think of this as T&E – travel and entertainment. Is it fun? Something people look forward to during the corporate 9-5 job?

I think of the Gladiator movie – “are you not entertained!? Are you NOT ENTERTAINED?!!”

Freedom To Live

3. Freedom – to be free of pain, danger. No one wants to feel they have to endure things they don’t like. If you can sell in your message that using the solution you are selling will get them out of pain and help them escape danger, that is a good angle to leverage.

Sexually Attractive & Having Sex

4. Sex – probably should be higher on the list. A basic instinct we all have, built into our animal body to reproduce. So if you can sell enticing humans of the opposite sex in your messaging, you are golden.

To Live Comfortably

5. Comfortable living – we want to have nice things in our life. Feel good as we drive, as we watch TV at night, as we go about our day to day.


6. Winning – who doesn’t want to win? We want to “beat” the competition and be ahead of the pack. If your product or solution is selling this, that by purchasing what you are offering will get them ahead, there you go.

Protecting The Ones We Love

7. Protect loved ones – this is a big one for me now as a rather new daddy. We want to make sure that we take care of our wife and kids and our family. We want to be a provider and ensure that those we care about will live well in their own LF8.

To Be Accepted Socially

8. Social acceptance – We want to “fit in”. We want people in society to see us as part of them. Maybe doesn’t have to be the masses, but a select or elite group. To be part of this group, to fit in and be accepted. Member of a group, and treated as equal or part of them.

The More LF8 in Your Message the Better

So Drew says the more of all these points you can sell in your message the better. I wonder if it makes sense to pick one and focus on it. Or to pick each point and maybe in your sales page to go point by point in the features and benefits. Weave it all in as people are reading through the sales copy.

Whatever it is, for me, this book is worth reading multiple times. Selling in the photos is another one, using captions and then putting a message underneath it.

What are your main points you look at when making a sales page? And how do you outline it. I think the more you think about it before writing it the better. And of course another great one is AIDA (attention, interest, decision, action), which you need to think and breath when writing a sales page.

Read this book if you do anything in sales and marketing. Heck, even if you are a programmer in a dark room somewhere not talking to other human beings, still read this!

Grab Your Copy of the Book Today!

So what are you waiting for – if you do any kind of writing for business, you need this book, seriously!

Check out the Ca$hvertising book now.

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