Time to Shine in 2010

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Its been since christmas since blogging….no i haven’t forgotten about you guys….its more because ive been working day and night – and that is pretty boring to blog about.
But i am getting more confident, more focused. I am sure 2010 will be a great year….all the time, years, invested both in time and in money, now is the time to shine. Now more then ever.
I am consolidating all my various businesses into 1 main idea – ecommerce in usa from china ) asia. Merging newyorkbarstore into the shadstone group has really cemented the idea….as well as doing ecommerce projects for many factories and trading companies in china – all begging to get more direct access to the western world
As the globe continues to flatten, factories will need to market themselves more as a brand, meaning….the chinese factories need western marketing experts to bring them there

Who would that be???

You guessed it…the Shadstone group will provide the skills, people, and tools to market directly in the usa market. Mainly through the internet, but also with traditional marketing allies.
Building a great team of organized and focused staff….that care about what they do and want the company to succeed…
Im just a bit worried about chinese new years slowing things down.
But nothing will slow me down, have come too far, its now or never. There is no such thing as failure, just keep going.

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