Remembering My Late Grandparents and Aunt

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Remembering My Late Grandparents and Aunt

What do you do when you get a birthday reminder for someone who has since passed away? The older I get, the more and more birthday popups hit my calendar of people who have left this Earth..

I haven’t been deleting them. I have been remembering them. Maybe this is how they continue to make a difference in this world – popping up in my calendar and giving me flashbacks of the time I spent by them. Their mark on the world.

In August there have been a few birthdays popping up, my Aunt Nina just had her birthday (remembering Nina blog post) and both of my grandparent’s – Nana and Papa – had their birthday in August.

I have been writing them quick letters, just in a simply google doc – each day I try to remember / thank / appreciate someone – and on certain days I remember and appreciate those who I cannot actually send a message to (as they have passed away).

It is a bit weird to be honest – to type out a letter to someone you know cannot receive it – have been even considering posting it on a hidden section in this blog or adding it to the previous blog posts where I talk about them.

Life is so delicate, and life is so precious. Maybe it is the Stoic influence from Tim Ferris and the greek audio books he convinced me to listen to – but Stoicism is pretty powerful. It makes us face death regularly, realizing that death is part of life and that we must live our live knowing we are going to die.

Scary for a while, but then you start to think differently and live differently. Because it is true, every day is a blessing we are on this Earth to do something and make a difference. And every day is a “risk” we can die. So we need to appreciate each day we have.

But even when we die, I hope my family can keep paying the hosting fee for this blog and the other content I have created. Hope that it can be used to help people long after I am dead.

And the memories from my now deceased family members still runs through my veins. Aunt Nina was one of the happiest people I knew. Always so thankful for everything she had, from the simple food to the lifestyle. Extremely religious, she constantly thanked God for what she had and others around her had. What a beautiful soul inside and out, and I know she is one who really lived each day to the fullest.

Let’s all appreciate what we have, and the fact that we are living and breathing and able to read this text on the screen.

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