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Another positive book and influence from TeamFlynn

Thanks Pat, for your continued support and motivation to me and all the many other superfine in your community. Your podcast and extensive tutorials online helped me get the knowledge and confidence to get out there and start podcasting back in 2013 and have been pushing forward with it ever since (with an occasional hiccup here and there I must admit).

I think the idea of 1,000 true fans and the goal of targeting 1 true fan per day – which equals 1,000 days or about 3 years. If we all just help 1 person per day, and make a real difference in their lives – we will be not only making a superfan and community – but also making the world a better place.

Especially in today’s chaotic world with world war 3 brewing in HK and the trade war – books like Superfans is needed to remind us that we, as content creators, as artists, as an individual, can make a differences, and create a long term impression and business on people’s lives.

Thank you Pat. It goes without saying – read this book for inspiration on building a long lasting business around superfan and content. I’m doing a dinner meetup in a couple weeks with some of my “fans” as a direct response to this book and also thinking of more ways to truly make a difference.

Buy your copy today!

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