Attention – I’m not always on vacation!

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Heck, i’m like never really on vacation, always working and playing together…and I kinda have been stressing out lately (sure, I guess I’m always stressed!) but being back in USA is great, and fun and exciting. BUT I’M not on vacation!!!! So many people think that I’m here to relax – telling me to stop checking my phone, my email, doing work – and enjoy myself. But that’s just it – I am always “Working” on the road. Traveling from city to city, state to state, country to country. It’s a hustle. And I am fighting for a wi-fi connection, electricity, bathroom. Its stressful. And I can’t just turn off my computer and “relax” as I meet old friends. I’m here to make money.

For example, I’m going to Puerto Rico right now for a bachelor party (writing this from the plane). I still have to be on call with my business… friends there will have taken a day or two off from work and are on “vacation” – while I can reduce the amount of time I’m working….I still have to be somewhat on-call. Because I love it. I love my work. I’m a workaholic.

And then after Puerto Rico I head up to Florida to see my family. They will be happy to see me, and it will be graet, but I still have to get on my laptop and crank out work. Its what allows me to do this in the first place – it’s a great job, but its also a lot of pressure. To be able to work anywhere, is great – but I have to deliver.

AND NO ONE IS PUSHING ME BUT …ME. I have to push on myself harder and harder. I cannot get lazy, cannot get soft. Once it starts, then I can imagine it only gets worse….and then business spirals downwards.

I’m not alone, I’m sure. It’s a common problem for entrepreneurs. Startups. Just because I am my own boss doesn’t mean I can hang out every day and relax and not worry. IT’S THE EXACT OPPOSITE. If I don’t fight every day, and perform, and keep things under control – then you know what will happen – I won’t be my own boss anymore and I’ll be looking for a freakin’ job! Haha. And that is why I think many startups fail, they get LAZY, de-motivated, and give up.


But really, entrepreneurs and those working from home just have to struggle to tell their friends that they have to have alone time and be able to work.

I do understand my friends think I’m always working, always messaging, on a phone call – but I do like it. The hustle, the stress, even though I do complain outloud, its just part of the daily life.

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