Making a Bigger Impact

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Making a bigger impact.

Donald Trump, the man with even more attention than he did in the TV days – one quote I really like from him is:

If you’re doing to do something, do it big!

A quote I am trying to live by more. It is true, if you are going to do a business, why aim small? Why think you will only do a small market, or be more a COG in a wheel? Gotta think bigger, and go for the big win.

Another angle I have been thinking about is, making differences in people’s lives. For years I have been trying to get more traffic, get more reach, get more eyeballs on various things.

The last month or so, I am focusing more instead of having a bigger impact on those around me. Hoping that by making a bigger difference in their life and business will have a bigger impact on the “warm and fuzzy” feeling inside.

Because how can you really help so many people?

The blogs at Global From Asia, and the podcasts, etc. That is how I can help as many people in the world that want to read it.

But after that, I can really only impact and help those who – I guess pay me ? It isn’t just about money, it is about taking action too. Anyone who does online content creation knows – most people actually don’t use the knowledge and information they receive. Which to me is the most frustrating part about all of it – especially if it takes my personal effort and knowledge to give it to them (whether free or paid consulting).

So I am focusing more energy on those who actually take action with the knowledge they receive.

And for the last few weeks, it is making a difference. Such things as bank help, frozen bank problems, corporate issues, team building, fundraising. Probably also from the decade or more of building knowledge and network can do a few things to make a bigger impact. And it feels great.

Maybe it took me 10+ years to get to this level, and all the hustling and busy work of content creation, networking with everyone I knew was necessary to get it. I am going to hope and pray that was the case – as I don’t want to call it a waste of time. Lol.

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