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I’m excited to announce, after quite a few months of negotiation, I am a partner in the Enter China community. There is a whole new initiative and I am excited to push it forward and carry the torch onwards. I’m excited to partner up with Rico and Luke as well in this, as well as have Nick on as a an advisor.

What Is Enter China?

Enter China, or EC for short, is an online community of entrepreneurs doing manufacturing in China. It is focused purely on product development. It was started by Tim Nybo and Nick Ramil from their blog The Elevator Life a few years ago.

There are passionate and successful members inside and they have helped launch tons of products via Kickstarter and Amazon, with a lot to credit from the Enter China experience. The group is very supportive of each other and I am glad to be a part of it going forward.

Members get access to a library of resources on how to develop their own products, manufacturing, and then of course connect with others in the community via online groups (forum, wechat) and also meetups in the Guangzhou area.

What’s the Future of Enter China?

We don’t plan to change much in the short term – really we are trying to keep things running smooth and keep current members happy and getting value.

The next six months we are recruiting the next batch of members to help them on their product development and China manufacturing success.

We are opening up applications for new members in the next couple weeks, if you’d like to apply now for early access, click here.

I Love Communities

As we get older, we obviously learn more and more about ourselves. I never knew how to really articulate what I loved to do – but it is this:

* Creating content to help people – and li love getting messages from people about how a blog post I made years ago helped them in today’s world. It is so powerful to me.

* Connecting people – I have always gotten a high from putting 2 people together fro other sides of the world, from opposite sides of the industry and making a big synergy. But how to monetize that? That has always been something I have gotten stuck with.

* Communities – from Startup Weekend to Shenzhen coworking space, to e-commerce meetups, to Hero Meets Hero, it has always been about getting like minded people in a room and making something happen. We area all so focused on what we are doing but not meeting relevant people and connecting the dots. That is what makes big moves in your business and your life.

So this is what I love to do – and you can be a critic or not. I have over 10 years experience in China, business, in SEO, ecommerce, international business structures and I love to help people and share and connect.

Are you ready to get involved in the community for product development and china manufacturing? We have the community for you – and I hope to see you on the inside of Enter china!

There are other communities too I am working with – as that is the power to make big moves in the world.

When you think about Apple – really – its is a community. OnePlus – the same – a community. Groupon, started as a forum. It is about putting like minded and passionate people together in a forum and getting them to know each other more and helping them solve problems.

Let’s take business in China to the next level. We need all the help we can get as China business is such a challenge.

Doing Product Manufacturing? – Join Our community Today

Enter china is the place to go if you want to work with a good support group of people buying products form Chinese factories and selling on Amazon or Kickstarter. There is a good base of members now ready to meet new hard working and passionate entrepreneurs. Check out for details!


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