Heading to Cebu, Philippines June 7- 10

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Its been close to a year since I was down in the Philippines. As I mentioned then, I am a partner in a SEO office in Cebu.

Things have been busier than ever, and my partner, the CEO, Josh has pulled it off and we need to take things to the next level.

I wish I could take my family down this time, but maybe next trip. It is a short trip from Tuesday June 7 until early morning Saturday June 11.

What is the trip for? I’m doing OK working remotely with the team, but there are now more and more staff (approximately 10) and I want to meet them, as well as catch up with Josh.

I’ve been making tons of SOPs (Standard operating procedures) and hope to help make sure everyone knows all the different tasks, systems, and overall flow.

Never would have thought I’d be the operations kind of person, but the fulfillment I get from seeing a system run itself and have a company become more like a well oiled machine has bee so gratifying.

I want to get some beach time – but this is a pure business trip. Can’t wait to catch up with Josh and see how things are going.

For the most part, we work with law firms in America on their local SEO performance.

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