October 2019 Travel & Grind Agenda

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Preparing For Another Half Month on the Road (Bangkok, Guangzhou, Hong Kong)

Seems I am averaging being on the road every month or so. Will try to reduce that once October’s insane travel is over. Here’s the lineup:

Monday Oct 14 – flying from Chiang Mai to Bangkok (actually didn’t realize it is a holiday on the 14th in Thailand, flights a bit more expensive). Planning a couple meetings on Monday before the events start.

Tuesday Oct 15 – organizing an Alpha Rock Capital private penthouse get together with others in the ecommerce community. Also will be visiting some coworking spaces about future meetups.

Wednesday Oct 16 – co-hosting a podcaster meetup for DCBKK – 10am. Then the DCBKK madness will begin all the way through to Sunday Oct 20

Oct 16 – 20 – Dynamite Circle DCBKK intensive event, learning, networking. Can read the few write-ups of my 5+ times going to this event. (dcbkk 2013, dcbkk 2015, dcbkk 2016, dcbkk 2017, dcbkk 2018)

Sunday Oct 20 – late flight with Marc Roca to Guangzhou to get started for Cross Border Summit China.

Monday Oct 21 – hosting a VIP mastermind pre-event for those who got the VIP ticket.

Tuesday – Wednesday Oct 22- 23 – our fourth annual Cross Border Summit

Thursday Oct 24 – training workshops post- event sessions.

Oct 24 – we have our meeting planned already with April – and will have some workshops

Friday Oct 25- Canton Fair meetups, also attend the Canton fair.


Oct 25 – I plan to go to Canton fair in the daytime – then at night there is Chris Davey’s fba4u.com free meetup.

Saturday Oct 26 – Trustrade / Global From Asia Business Networking Extravaganza again.

Oct 26 – travel w/ Danny McMillan to Hong kong. Maybe you can join us.

Sunday Oct 27 – Hong Kong Global Sources Trade show – have a special deal on crossbordersummit.com/china/tradeshow also plan to go to the Summit.

Oct 28 – 31- more Hong Kong trade shows, events, meetings.

Oct 31 afternoon – fly back home to Chiang Mai.

November 1. Rest and recover. Basically “the year is done” and November and December reflecting on the year 2019, and thinking about 2020 –

Jan 3-5 – we will have a Global From Asia VIP CEO retreat in Chiang Mai Jan 3-5 – planning to do smaller, private, member only get togethers – these big events are too stressful.

So there you go –

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