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Well, I am sure you all see in the new Hong Kong is under…massive change. I don’t want to get political – but of course I think you could imagine which side I would be on – one for independence and creativity. I even read now about ATMs out of money, etc. It makes me worry for business – as Shadstone Limited is a HK company, we use HSBC HK, and we sell uniprohk.com/ services and HK co setup / banking.

But luckily in 2016 when the banking got so hard there for new clients I was on boarding – I started to focus on other businesses – such as Cross Border Summit, the membership GFAVIP, and Amazon FBA itself (which now has morphed into Alpha Rock Capital)

The trade war and the HK uprising really has rocked my entire business ecosystem, the clients, the readers / listeners of the podcast, the attendees of the upcoming summit.

Yet I cannot imagine complete shutdown of the banking system. At least not for those which are international banks such as HSBC that have funds and clients around the world. The local HK banks, which are 100% invested in Hong Kong, those banks definitely have a higher risk of issues than those with international exposure.

So what happened today? With trains not running, supermarkets, malls and 711s closed, is this martial law? Is Hong Kong on strike? Is the government on strike?

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At this point, I just wish my friends in Hong Kong strength and safety in this turbulent time.

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