Putting It Forward

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Putting It Forward

Doing things for others without expectations and amazing things can happen.

Does it for you?

Its a great experience

Mike’s Blog 207

We are rocking and rolling in October with so many things happening. In this video, I am in Bangkok for dcbkk conference where I always get pushed to work harder and do more.

While there, I caught up with old friends and this blog topic about putting things forward was inspired. Nathan Rose is an amazing author, and I had the opportunity to know him before he was writing books! Sitting down between sessions he asked if I’d stick around in my seat for a while and I said sure. He later came down with a print version of my book, Destination China, that he bought off Amazon. Two copies. One for his own collection and another for a giveaway he is doing for an upcoming book launch.

So of course I gotta whip out my camera and document this. He said that my tips on writing a book helped him and he appreciates it. Wow, sweet.

Later meeting Martijn, he is making chat bots fo company culture. Already implementing it in the team and giving him feedback. Getting modifications in real time. Tina says she is one of the top people she met last year.

Let’s reflect.

How do we know when to help or how to help, who will listen and take action. I think it is about actually using the help in a meaningful way. To not just listen and nod your head and then forget what we discussed and go about your life. The coolest part is when someone actually takes action with the input and makes something happen. Still so happy to see Nathan Rose rocking out all his books and making things happen – now he is inspiring me to get back to writing books again (been on a break from books for the past couple years).

DCBKK 2018 Key Takeaway Notes

Rough notes from my time at dcbkk2018 – try to keep notes consolidated as much as possible.

HR & Management
1 week retreat for team
Time tracking is necessary – do an HR audit and put on a performance improvement plan (output first, then input)
KPI that the whole team can see
HR managers for local market (PI, EI, etc)
Don’t use the VA title

Info products:
99/mo or 847/year
private thread coaching
monthly webinar
Aaron Fletcher, Fletcher Method – review
Copywriting first
Value stack

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