DCBKK 2015 Here I Come! Dynamite Circle Annual Conference in October

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I’m such a fanboy of the Dynamite Circle and Tropical MBA! I love what Dan and Ian are up to there – and am so fortunate to have been able to catch their first Tropical MBA meetup back in summer of 2011 (man how time flies!).

Their conference, DCBKK (Dynamite Circle Bangkok) 2015 has grown and matured to have over 400 top notch internet business people from around the globe. I was in complete awe and overwhelmed at their DCBKK 2013 event. I am upset I missed last year’s (my kid had just recently been born) but not going to miss this years and already bought the early bird ticket.

So What Is this DCBKK Event?

Here is a quick excerpt from their about page (note – this is from the 2014 page, I’m so early that they haven’t updated it for 2015 🙂 )

It’s the highlight of our year to bring DCers from all around the world together for our annual DCBKK event. We are looking forward to an even more exciting experience this year.
DCBKK 2014 is gonna include a big main event, the Friday masterminds, limited Saturday afternoon “focused track” sessions, and likely a few mass pilgrimages to meetups and parties.
New this year we are crafting small sessions and meetups for the conference that are limited to keep the same small group networking feel from events past, while still allowing the overall attendance to grow.
Basically – its the annual conference of all us crazy internet business people who love Tropical MBA and Dynamite Circle (yes, told you I’m a fan boy!)
I’m going to do even more homework this year to prepare for the speakers and the attendees – it is just so jam packed with amazing content and people.
Also note, that these guys have such great demand you have to be a member of the Dynamite Circle to go to the event, you can’t skip the membership and just go to the event.

Event Agenda

Again, this is from last year’s but should be similar format from what I’m reading in the private forum:

Thursday, October 16th
▪ 7 PM – October Junto: Bangkok – Hosted by the DC Team (Location To Be Announced)
Friday, October 17th
▪ 10 AM – Registration in Conference Hall at Conrad Hilton Bangkok (for Mastermind Attendees only)
▪ 7:30 PM – Check-In at City Terrace & Pool at Conrad Hilton Bangkok For Opening Party for Guests & Non-Registered DCers
▪ 8 PM–12 AM – Opening Party at City Terrace & Pool of Conrad Hilton Bangkok

Saturday, October 18th
▪ 7:30 – 9 AM – Complimentary Breakfast for Conrad Hilton Bangkok Guests
▪ 8–9:00 AM – Registration at Conference Hall
▪ 9 AM – 12:30 PM – Morning Session – Conrad Hilton Ballroom
▪ 12:30 PM – 2 PM – Lunch
▪ 2 PM – 5 PM – Afternoon Track Sessions – Conrad Hilton Ballroom
▪ 8 PM – DC Meetup – Location To Be Announced
Sunday, October 19th
▪ 7:30 – 9 AM – Complimentary Breakfast for Conrad Hilton Bangkok Guests
▪ 9 AM – 12:30 PM – Morning Session – Conrad Hilton Ballroom
▪ 12:30 PM – 2 PM – Lunch
▪ 2 PM – 5 PM – Afternoon Track Sessions – Conrad Hilton Ballroom
▪ 8 PM – Closing Party – Location To Be Announced

It Always Inspires Me

Every time I go to one of these events I’m inspired to do something. I always credit the start of the Global From Asia podcast and I have met amazing people for Social Agent Connect like Chris Chidgey – who also started his app business podcast from the event.

The energy there, and the people. And Dan’s authentic charisma just take everyone’s confidence sky high.

Conclusion – If You’re a DC-er – Hope To Catch You There


I wish I was more active in the private forum of Dynamite Circle (though I am adding more time in my daily routine to do so) – I really enjoy this conference. If you’re in the forum, I think these events is where you really maximize the effect of being a member.

If you’re not a member, well thanks for reading all the way through this – you’ll still get some benefit as I develop my skills for this blog and other internet businesses I’m working on.

Will you make it – let me know! It will be an overwhelming conference but hope to catch up 🙂

I need to think bigger. Life is really short and when all the noise is off – what did you really accomplish.

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