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First Leg of Southeast Asia Trip – Philippines, Check!

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We are just finishing our first “leg”/ country / week of our Wendy/Mike family relocation exploration trip.

How time flies.

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On the move, well as much as possible without the traffic, here in the Philippines.

It is Wendy’s first time to Philippines and she is getting the full experience – well in some major cities at least.

I was just here in January  and have been here every year or two going back to 2010. Seriously just wish the country could fix these 2 things:

1) Traffic optimization – Just really wonder how I would fix it if I could. I’m a productivity nut, so I go crazy thinking about how many brains are sitting in traffic here wasting optimal time when the person could be learning, studying, selling, etc. It is very unfortunate when I think of all the cars in gridlock multiplied by the amount of time wasted. Seriously.

2) Internet – I am doing a lot more writing than usual as that doesn’t require an internet connection. Well, to be fair, the internet was pretty stable in Manila – but in Cebu – at least where I have been it is cutting in and out. And my video blogs take 7 days to upload to Dropbox, crazy. I wonder what it would take to get the internet working fast for all the people here. Again, frustrates me to think of how much productivity is lost (and frustration) by people here – and for me as well – while here.

But the people are so patient and generally kind and English is more and more prevalent each time I come – it is mind blowing to think how much more successful this country and its people could be if the traffic was reduced (probably through better public transportation) and with better internet connectivity.

I try my best to make my contributions. Met a few people on our Shadstone team in Manila and in Cebu – and to give my contributions to paying a fair market income and to try my best to train and allow the team to work at home and on their best terms.

In addition, we have a great partner in Philippines – Janette Toral, who helped us organize 2 full day workshops while here – one day in Manila and another day in Cebu. Talk about exhausting – spilling my guts on Amazon FBA, drop shipping from China, and finding Chinese factories – we are trying to teach as many people to fish as possible – to make a better opportunity for them in their business and lives.

Janette also chatted to me – why not consider relocating the family to the Philippines? Also my buddy Dustin in Manila said BGC district is good for families. Also a few comments here on various Facebook videos have also suggested BGC (I try my best to keep up with all your feedback).

So we will consider it – Wendy is here the first time and we are “Soaking it up”- the huge positive is all the schools, at all levels, and local or international, focus on English. From what people have told me the new generations here in Philippines are also not really even speaking their local dialects (Tagalog or Bisaya) but mainly focus on English. Especially in Cebu, from what Janette told me – as they prefer to speak English for the growth of their BPO (business process outsourcing) industry here.

The journey continues, next stop Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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