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Just finished reading a fantastic book by Dr. Julian Hosp! I was fortunate to get connected to him and interview him for the Global From Asia podcast.

Reading his book has inspired me on some new initiatives and I want to share today a bit about what I learned.

Wish I Read This Earlier

I guess that is true with any book or new thing you learn – you wish you came across it earlier! I’ll definitely try my best to get my kids to read this one as soon as they are old enough.

The book is called “25 Lessons I would Tell My Younger Self

The book is built like the title says – 25 chapters of a story each with a new lesson learned and action or recommendation for the reader.

He goes through various stages of his life, the good and the bad, and shares openly what he learned and what he recommends for readers in that situation.

Some of My Highlights

It is quite a dense book, and jam packed with value – so I’ll just pick a few of my favorite parts of the book:

* Make a CRM of your contacts – this is something I should have done forever ago. I have a ton of friends all around the world, but I don’t do a good job maintaining those relationships. Julian shares some systems for keeping up to date with contacts and maximizing both what you can give, as well as what you can ask, from your relationships.

* This of income in various sectors – Generally everyone says to “start a business, to save money”, but he actually gives steps on how to do it. For example, he gives 6 different forms of wealth building, as well as examples of when you should venture off and attempt different types.

* Positive Mindset – Mindset is something I have been focusing on for over a year now. Think that saying “you are your own worst enemy” is so true – we, our own minds, hold ourselves back from reaching our goals. Julian over and over shows in the book that with a positive mindset you can overcome all types of obstacles.

* Learning techniques – this guy is a hardcore learner! He gave some examples of how he learns massive amounts of words and definitions when studying, and recommends we learn the systems of learning instead of just memorizing and going the hard way.

For Millennials, But Anyone Can Benefit

Julian is writing this for younger generations, but people from all ages can learn and benefit. I guess the more annoying part for us “older” people to read it is that WE WISH WE KNOW SOME OF THIS WHEN WE WERE YOUNGER!


Thanks Julian for working so diligently on this book – I am sure it will help countless people improve their life and give them some of the much needed direction and courage they need to take action and make their dreams come true.

Check it out on Amazon – it is a bargain at the price!

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Kathrin Bussmann
Kathrin Bussmann

What is the title of the book?

Michael Michelini

Good point! doh! let me add it in the post – here’s the link

Called 25 Stories I would tell my Younger Self https://amzn.to/2WkopBV