Back in China – Back on Track

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I’m going to et back on track. Jeez that was a once in a lifetime (I hope) experience. Traveling to USA with 2 kids without your wife is something I do not recommend. The language issues trying to speak with her sister, and the kids hyper activeness and trying to communicate with my family too.

While it is something I don’t recommend, it is a memory I will remember for the rest of my life. I was able to spend more quality time with my kids, in an English environment, on my “home turf”.

I just wonder if my kids will even remember it. Maybe my son Miles who will be 4 in May. Maybe some foggy memories in his mind when he is older and I bring up the stories.

They prefer Chinese food, that is expected but funny at the same time. Maggie ate so much. Miles was still more picky about his food – as he always is.

To be a parent, one of the biggest jobs someone can do. And on top of that, trying to do my “normal work” schedule, just not possible. Even to have 5 minute of focused work time was a challenge – and an irritating one at that. Kids demand so much attention. Plus it is scary as heck to have them out of your sight for a few minutes – for fear of what they may be doing. When they are quiet, that is when you should be worried.

My wife was laughing on my return. The stories I have filled her in on, dealing with jet lag when arriving to USA was really intense. For a few days, they were bouncing off the walls all night and fighting us to stay awake in the day time.

As I type this, on the first day back from China, they are fully awake at 7am and haven’t slept a wink since returning last night. Probably will sleep from late morning through to the evening.

Not sure if there are any tricks other parents have for dealing with kids’ jet lag.

I think I know one.

Don’t have your kids travel to the other side of the globe!

For real, I think the next time they will travel to the other side of the planet when they are old enough to decide for themselves!

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