Dealing with Negative People, Negative Energy

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My whole life, I have had different forms of negative people and negative energy around me, I think we all have.

I am going to go through a few I can remember

1) Freshman year of high school – running for class president – As in previous posts, I reluctantly went to a small catholic high school rather then the public school all my friends went to. It was to my parent’s request, as they thought it was OK to go to inner city public school for K-8 (elementary) but in high school, I would magically become some drug dealer or con-artist….so i went to a catholic school about 20 minutes drive from my home. I knew nobody! But the first couple weeks, there was upcoming class president elections, and I wanted to run for it.

I remember the people in my homeroom (morning room where they take attendance) telling me, “no one knows who you are, you’re gonna lose”, or “Lindsay [I think that was her name] is the most popular girl in our class, and her big brother is also popular, she’s definitely going to win, you are stupid to try”. And it would carry on like this in between classes and in the cafeteria. But I still ran, I still did my speech, printed my posters to hang up on the walls. I found some allies who helped promote me.

You know what? An EXACT TIE for freshman class president, the teachers couldn’t believe it. They counted it over and over, but an exact 50/50 ties. So her and I were co-presidents that year. And the funniest thing of all, was her family moved away half way through the year and I became full class president.

I ran every year, and won every year. There were some years people would write slanderous remarks on my posters, calling me names, or making jokes. Sure, it annoyed me, but I kept going on, and I kept winning each year’s elections.

LESSON – I guess my feeling from that is, sure there will always be some people who don’t like you, and want to see you lose, but as long as there are more people that support

2) I was working at Price Rite grocery store in high school, and a coworker in my department, Derric, had a crush on a cashier, Tonya. I had no interest in her at all, but she was attracted to me. He was heavily pursuing her, and some kind of gossip got around about a he-said she-said story and Derric ran up into my face in the back of the grocery store. He wanted to fight me, right there, right now – in the FREEZER room….I tell him to calm down and let me talk, but he runs full on at me. So what do I do? I walk out of his path and push him head first into the freezer wall. I used his energy against him and knocked some sense into him. Luckily I avoided him from crashing into the external electricity outlet, which was really close to his head when he crashed. But really…..he put ALL HIS RAGE and negative energy towards me, and I didn’t have to do much more then move out of his way quickly. Used his energy against him. Finally he realized what the real situation and story was with this crazy girl, and we were good friends soon again. Saw him off for his time served with the US Navy.

Lesson learned, if you have some enraged guy running at you not listening, get out of his way!

3) Negative comments on this blog! I think it has only been 1 person, with 2 different aliases, but it is starting to get a little annoying. I wonder what it takes for a person to put enough time and energy to pass negative feeling to another. What is the purpose, the goal, the feeling this person has in mind? Sure, I can filter and delete these people’s comments….but it just blows my mind that people spend time doing this in the first place! BUT IT MOTIVATES ME! It pushes me to be smarter, faster, stronger – both personally and professionally. And I cannot be everyone’s friend. no matter how hard I try, there will always be someone who doesn’t agree with my perspective or views, and the stronger I become one way or another in life, the stronger friends…..and….people who don’t.

Lesson learned – you can’t be everyone’s friend. And you can’t please everyone, or else you will please no one!

But you know what……I think it is motivating to me – to have people pushing me. To prove them WRONG. I think that is what inspires many people, those who doubt us, is what keeps us fighting to get to the top!

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  1. Go Mike! I think as it is, you’ve proven much more than people would’ve expected of you – but to keep on pushing for more no matter what others think or say? Wow! You’re up there in my list of hall of famers!

    I like the attitude. Its infectious.

    1. Author

      thanks Mike Mo!!! appreciate your support , and you’re awesome helping me out here in Philippines! visa, customs, all kinds of fun thing to learn new again!

      cheers and thanks for following my blog!

  2. Dude, You are right there will always be people out there who are negatives. anyone who puts themselves out into public view has some kind of hecklers. You put yourself out there by writing this blog. This poster is a heckler of some sort and it seems like he just wants to get under your skin. One thing you can do is ignore him. but he is annoying – i agree. and he seems really lame to take time to read this blog and keep posting comments. I laughed at how much of a hypocrite he was when he said you just wanted to see other people fail just so that you feel better for yourself. in reality he is the one who wants to see you fail just so he feels better about himself. if he had a life or some kind of purpose he wouldn’t waste time. i guess it could also be some kind of person you ticked off some time ago that holds a grudge. or it could be someone like obi wan kanobi testing you and making sure you stay strong and focused.

    so stay strong, stay focused, don’t let him get to you or he will succeed and you will not

    or you can do us all a favor and just remove his comments 🙂

    have a good one Mike!

    1. Author

      haah, funny you are reading and annoyed by his comments…..well, i just dont want to filter comments that i “like” and “dislike”, just doesnt seem PC…..

      But these kind of hecklers have always motivated me. In high school and in college, and in my last job (deutsche bank had tons of these hecklers) it made me stronger… constantly be criticitized and told I wasn’t doing the best i could do. It pissed me off, sure, but it made me stronger and fight harder.

      rock on bro, nice to see u commenting again, i am blogging like a maniac these days….but it “keeps me company”

  3. I almost forgot to mention…have you noticed that the photo of your friend who cacked himself looks like you? Wierd!

  4. In science, negative is attracted to positive. However unlike science, negative people do not want to live in a harmonious balance with the positive, they attempt to disturb the equilibrium of nature and create a black hole in the soul. So beware of these energy suckers! You cannot change them, just run the other way!

    Ira Stinson

    1. Author

      thanks Ira for commenting!

      yes, they are a black hole for sure……have to just avoid them like the black plague!!

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