Current “Brain mode”: 2022 is almost over, thinking 2023

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Oct 16 – 22,2022

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* In photo: Miles + Maggie at a weekend art class. Such naturals!

Seems the “rainy” season is over here in Chiang Mai and the weather is cooling – that vibe of year end is coming. Q4 also will be big for our budding brands in ecommerce, and already thinking of new growth strategies for 2023!

* USA 3pl move (nightmare) and review Esatto brand launch for 2022
* New York Bar Store content, bartender interviews, unboxing placement, ambassador program
* Handshake HNS discussions with various parties, new initiative “stuck in my head” and need to take action
* Product launches and growth – Akitai new product lines, EB needs new product launches asap, blimp program, GFAVIP.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Oct 16 – 22, 2022 Shadstone Limited

Tons of pressure, chaos, and uncertainty. But then I say to myself – probably will be like that til the last day on my deathbed (hopefully watching back some Mikesblog videos too). While it is chaotic and stressful -we are making GREAT progress. And that is what matters.

Chipping away, day by day, making progress – will continue to grow a massive empire with as little outside influence as possible.

Some highlights:

PAINFUL move of our USA 3pl warehouse for Esatto. A few of my friends are saying “I told you so”, but I am still in shock. The current 3pl warehouse I just believe was understaffed and I will leave it at that. But now next week it will be multiple days (and lots of money) to load up truckloads, move them across LA, and put into a new warehouse. Maybe by end of the week can finally send the FBA shipment to Amazon to launch the brand.

BUT maybe it is a “blessing in disguise” as Sally, Katrina, and the outreach team are making great progress with the influencer and ambassador program development. So feeling these people will be more ready and engaged to help Esatto launch. Plus the “painful” process of setting up the NYBS content calendar, unboxing video templates, social media campaign, email newsletter re-build, and team flow in general. So maybe we needed this extra time (I’m just going to say that anyway).

NYBS – as mentioned above in Esatto section – we are gettin this one flowing again. So much we can do here (turn ono shopping cart again, drop ship program, wholesale program, etc) – but we focusing on it being a media and ambassador platform f or our product brands in the short term. Idea is q1 once things stabilize with Amazon product launches, can use NYBS to go multi-channel.

Akitai is making a purchase order on the new products. Hoping we can get them launched for Q4 but should be able to squeeze them in around late November / maybe early December. Andres is hoping Christian, Anne, and the content team can make more research on those keywords and prepare more content for them so we can make the most of the rest of the year and come out with a solid foundation in the new product line.

Excalibur Brothers – all 3 franchisees are moving along nicely and getting regular sales. What a upfront investment it was for all of us – and we are finally bearing some fruits. Francis and Peter camel on thee GFA podcast to record last week to share their positive experience w/ Blimp and look forward to publishing that one. We just gotta be more “SALES-y” and push more people to join. Yet at the same time – we have a super solid foundation now to sell upon, and even the current franchisees are happy to add more products – so it shows we are truly doing a valuable thing.

Handshake – the bear market drama continues – all crypto projects are under stress, especially “young” ones like HNS (well 2.5 years old). So when drama and pressure come, so does differences of opinion. Tryin to collect all the in put from the twitter spaces. Also Anne/ rocks – working on the next flamingo handshake auction. Thinking we do need t start to prepare for the next Handycon, March 2023 makes sense (already invited casually a few people from twitter to speak).

BeckyAI is gaining momentum for the kickstarter. Influencers receiving goods (great job Patrick and Katrina and all) –

NowShenzhen – the China “big wig” meeting is happening around when I type this, which many say will determine the future of China and lockdowns for the years to come. Also some strategic alliances in discussion (too early to say) .

Indigitus – having a meeting next week about this and many things. Got into this project from Handshake and thinking to more further connect them.

GFA kids doing well, Jenny has some interesting ideas. More teachers coming, means more students needed. Also working on the financial workflow (as always).

GFA VIP and media – finally a GFAVIP mastermind next week. Hope to invite new members s such as Austin and gfa partners such as cross better and get that going regularly again.

Probably soo much more. Last week took a lot out of me (mainly on the 3pl warehouse stress) but just a lot of things pulling. NYBS relaunch also stressful, but feeling the team – from the video team, to the hosting, to the ambassador outreach – all are now a bit more clear of the “vision”. Thanks to LJ and our amazing management – the vision is clarified I can imagine. I try my best to be clear, but so much on my mind and so many things like an avalanche, hope everyone is at least enjoying the overwhelm.

Also NINJAS – the Shadstone ninja concept is further being defined and hope to have more announcements by our December Shadstone retreat.

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