Guide to Branding Your Business on Facebook

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If you are planning to being marketing your business on different interactive social media platform, then Facebook is the right place to start with. With over a couple of billion of users, Facebook is the largest social media platform out there and provides you with a fabulous opportunity to connect with people who are interested in purchasing your product, services and offers. It tends to make things happen a lot faster in comparison to other social media platforms. Here are some brand styling and profiting tips and tricks that will help you achieve success on Facebook.


Tips and tricks on Facebook styling

This guide will provide you with insight into the appearance of your Facebook business page. Here are a few things that you should ensure to include in your Facebook cover photo and page design:

  • Background Image:

    You should incorporate a background image that is relevant to your enterprise. It could show you in action, it could be a professional picture or even a stock image

  • Tagline:

    The different aspects in your cover photo should speak about the different aspects of your enterprise. They should tell the audience about you and your ultimate goal. A short and crisp tagline in this regard can do the trick

  • Website address:

    Add your website address

  • Call to action button:

    Your cover photo should be clickable which can be accomplished by incorporating a Call to Action button. This button tells the visitors to click on your cover photo. Facebook opens the photo in expanded view when clicked and displays your description. The description should delineate what your enterprise is about and also come with a hyperlink to your website. The link should not direct the visitor to the home page of your website rather it should direct him or her to the relevant page under consideration. The page can offer a free gift to the user for joining your email list, a free quote or simply tell them how you intend to resolve their problems.

  • Tabs:

    Facebook tabs appear on the left side of your timeline. You can link up your products and services to your Facebook page with the help of these buttons. You can utilize a service such as Woobox to add tabs to your Facebook page wherein you can embed you products, services, offers, deals and giveaways. The dimensions of a tab are 111 x 74 pixels. Keep in mind that Facebook tabs are not available in the smartphone app.

Tips and tricks for Facebook Profile

  • You should ensure that you fill out every section of the About settings. The Open Graph is available for all public pages and profiles so it is important that you include all the information that is relevant to your business. This will help people to get your page displayed in their Facebook search results pages when they are searching for people and enterprises similar to yours.
  • You should incorporate a link to your website at the top of your description. It will provide people with an easy way to access information about your business. The link can be made clickable by adding the http:// prefix.

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