Helping Clear Out Good Deals – Win, Win, Win!

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Helping Clear Out Good Deals – Win, Win, Win!

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As a blogger, I think that is what I am – I am always trying to find ways to justify all this content I am creating. Well – it’s not just for me but for my wife and kids (I get regular reminders!).

I love making these videos, blogs and content – and want to try another angle today.

Offer special deals to those who enjoy the shows. I have been getting contacted from suppliers, warehouses, e-commerce companies about stock they have that they need help selling. I am working a deal with them and can offer you guys great prices and make a win-win-win deal.

Setting up a new page for this on my blog called where I will be listing special products at the time you visit. The stock will not last forever, it will be limited quantity and updated frequently. The payment will go through my company first and then I will have the supplier send it to you directly. For those e-commerce gurus watching – yes – drop ship. Maybe more like flash sales? Anyway, its an experiment.

To make it interesting, in video blogs I make I will try to talk about a certain featured product – show it – and explain how you can get it – but it is best to always check the main deals site at

Buying a product from the deals site will support this show, the content, my family, keep my wife happy, and also get you special prices and deals. I’ll try to keep things interesting and make fun with the product during the videos.

Just another experiment to keeping the content free and fun while finding a creative way to keep the lights on!

I love making these videos, don’t get me wrong – but there has to be some direct way to earn some income so that I can continue to work on them and grow the show more.

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