Announcing The Big Thing I Thought I’d Never Do Again

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Announcing The Big Thing I Thought I’d Never Do Again

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So, a ton of my friends have been on the edge of their seat waiting for today’s announcement. I really had trouble keeping it to myself but I want to make sure I had everything ready before getting it out there.

So, time to spill the beans:

I’m getting back into e-commerce.

I exited e-commerce in early/mid 2012 by selling my e-commerce website and marketplace accounts and went full on into Chinaccelerator startup incubator to work on Weibo Agent (then turned Social Agent) . Now I felt like I would never come back to the product business – and here I am announcing I’m getting back into it.

But the spin is – I love making content and connecting with people – so this will be a public company in a way- I want people to apply to join the company with me and we will share weekly updates of the company. It will be a new series in the Global From Asia podcast series.

You can read all about the terms and conditions as well as the full story on the Global From Asia blog here:

If you’re curious to follow this story – it will be a separate channel from Mike’s Blog – as it is more specific to cross-border e-commerce and business that fits in the Global From Asia portfolio.

Excited for this next chapter of my life and business – hope you can participate with me in some fashion.

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