Get down and dirty – roll the sleeves up

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Ok, Piotr and everyone else out there…I broke down and bought a desk and office chair…guess you’re right…my back is feeling much better…and I’m getting tons more work done!

The after photo….have my financial programs installed, software setup, wifi, etc etc…no more excuses…have over 2 weeks of work waiting to get done!

Transition almost complete…..I think??????????

Life is just one transition after another though….or there’s a problem!

ok, now stop reading this blog and get back to work yourself!!

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  1. Hey AWESOME – FINALLY. That desk and chair are the wisest investments you will make while you are in China. Investment in you HEALTH. Glad to see that picture up on the web. Hope all is working out well there and you are getting stuff done. Things aren’t going so well here – really busy and I’ve gotta work hard to get things done here. But I will send you a funny email i received you can read when you have a min of down time… tty soon. Piotr

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