“We don’t have songs like this in China…..”

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hahahaha. Playing some of my MP3s today in the office….love it when there’s TuPac playing and no one else in the room has heard it before….and its going on swearing and cursing everyone on his hate list and their mothers….F this, Mo-fo that….

Melissa’s quote – “they allow people to say this in US?”

Mike “yeaaaaaaaa, tons of songs like this, no problem”

Melissa “no songs are like this in China”

hahaha, things like this that make the experience that much more….interesting….the world is so vast, so many different perspectives….songs I grew up with that have never been heard by anyone else in the room.

But i’m getting more and more confident each day here…I am rocking out and making moves, making things happen, and its getting easier each day.

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  1. Hey Mike, that is interesting. we have to realize that it is not CENSORSHIP itself that is in china, but the level of censorship that is different. We have censors here in the US too. for example, nudity is censored in the US, whereas in Europe it is widely accepted and shown on TV, beaches are topless.. etc. And yeah you can even go more and more like snuff and child pornography, so its not that we want to live in a society with no censorship, but we want to live in a society with an appropriate level of censorship. just what is that level? does the US have it right? and be careful you may be breaking the law by playing such music in china.

  2. Author

    finally getting to reply to this comment,…..as the news here keeps talking about google leaving china for censorship issues…

    China is different Piotr..

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