can feel it getting closer………

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yea so like 2 and a half weeks to go before the last day of corporate america…….

feels weird- like this limbo transition where i just want to get on with it already!!

will miss some of it – but NYC is not what its cracked up to be for me!

san diego – Holly left a message last night her friend Chris is looking for a roommate – the place is across the street from her – interesting!!! gotta see the details but hey, Crown Point san Diego

been meeting with insurance agents, lawyers -all friends of mine – just so many questions so many different situations difficult to pinpoint exactly the best way this should be executed.

but yea, it will be its own entity – i have to be fully responsible for the risk reward – because if i succeed or fail, I want to be fully behind it – not to explain or answer myself to anyone

cheers – happy hump day!

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