Bangkok Factory Trade Show

Bangkok Factory Trade Show (Is It Like Canton Fair?)

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On the road AGAIN – and as always – here’s a vlog of the Mega show BKK deep in the summer of 2023.

Last minute trip, in our Chiang Mai Ecommerce Whatsapp group (join at ) Jason Green mentioned about a factory trade show he saw in Bangkok happening – and I figured this is a great chance to meet more Thailand factories and suppliers.

Easy to take a 1 hour flight (almost feels like a bus or train here), left on Wednesday morning for a 4 day, 3 night bangkok trip).

Arriving at the event – I was accompanied by Andres our business partner in the brand – with him flying over from Phuket. We entered the expo, and it was a massive single square room of booths. In our rough back of the envelope calculations – seemed about 70% Chinese factories, 10% Thailand, and 20% mix of Pakistan, Indonesia, India, and others around Southeast Asia.

Was hoping for more Thailand factories, but still got some good ground covered, found some new suppliers – and yes – some in China too.

On top of the trade show, there were some speaker sessions, and our friend Max from Amazon Global Selling was one of them. Alibaba had a sales team there for their Thailand representative office, and some chance for networking.

If anyone reading this knows me – knows I jam pack as much into a trip as possible – so had to meet others in Bangkok for business development and brainstorming on “secret projects” and Cross Border Summit coming November 16,17 and many more fun things.

Just really never had so many amazing opportunities. Blessed with a great team, great partners and people around me – and we just need to keep pushing ahead. For sure there have been tragic issues over the years, but we keep on grinding.

The Mega Show was one I’d say you can do in a day or half day, and is about one tenth the size of trade shows like the Canton Fair and Hong Kong shows. But in a way smaller is helpful as it forces you to focus and even return to booths you passed by earlier.

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