why cant we be the next donald trump?

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I remember being a little boy, looking upwards at adults, wow, so tall, so smart, so experienced. My problem, is in some ways i treat myself still like that little boy looking up at the big boys, why?

Sure, i am 28.5 years old now, is that young/old, smart/dumb, experienced/fresh – NOReach for the stars

I am a big boy, and why cant i be the next donald trump, richard branson, or steve jobs? Because of how much money i have? Because who i know? Because what school i went to, NO!

Only we, our own self, hold ourselves back….

Even to this day, i am amazed how far i have made it, i have a decent office, good + hard working staff, supportive friends, and loyal customers….


I want more. i can achieve it, i have to remain confident, and not think going higher and reaching for the stars is not possible. We all need this mindset…..it takes daily practice, our outlook on life has to refocus. Challenge ourselves.

But also, stand up for yourself, especially in business – i feel almost every day someone tries to “one up” me and slip something past me to gain an advantage,

And while, yes, its business….it also has to remind us that we deserve to get paid, that we are valuable in the service or product we offer I think that is why sports players are known to be good at business, they know its a game, a race, a battle, and a competition We all need to keep our eye on the ball, while also taking some time to gaze at the stars Nice! Now get up and go do it!

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