Kids First Day of School in Thailand

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Kids First Day of School in Thailand

All this rushing and accelerated trip / move for this

the big first day of school.

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So it all builds up to today. Good morning, Thailand! Tuesday morning here – been hanging out and moving in and settling in the past few days – nothing too exciting – just a lot of trips (Grab taxis) to grocery stores and malls spending money – took some time off recording and waiting for today

First day of school

Well, orientation was last week – Friday – for a half day. Miles has been to schools before – but for Maggie this is a totally new experience. She cried so much when Miles left her each weekday for this cool thing called school – she wanted to take part.

So even at 2 and a half years old we are sending her into full time pre-school.

Orientation on Friday was 10 to 12 noon and they brought up all the teachers to the front of the auditorium and gave some welcome speeches and slides.

After the main discussion we broke up into classes to see the classroom and meet the teachers. It has been a challenge for me as my wife is in China (dealing with Thai visa and also selling the car and renting out the house) and I am just doing this with my father in law (who speaks no English).  SO we had to go to 2 classrooms at the same time – the school is pretty tech friendly so there is a mobile app Class Dojo we will use and I can download the slides from the teachers as I missed one of the presentations.

So much change in so little time – it really was for this first day of school. Funny part is I thought it would start on Monday – but actually it was Tuesday – Thailand has a holiday for their mother’s day. So it was a 3 day weekend at home with grandpa and the kids – and buying groceries and fun stuff.

So the school is not walking distance to our house (we are looking to get a new place soon that can walk to the school) – and our amazing landlord Fern helped us find a local driver to pick up the kids and drop them off each day. I hopped a ride with them and worked in a coffee shop nearby for the first day (or maybe more days too).

What is amazing is how many foreign teachers there are I think it is the draw to live and work in Thailand? Whatever the reason, I feel like I’m in a school in my hometown in America -except I’m on the other side of the world.

Really crossing my fingers for my kids and if they will enjoy the school or not. It may take them time to get used to everything.

I am still not sure how much of the video clips I can share – the school doesn’t want to have other kids recorded or taken photos of – and I am also not sure how much I want to reveal to the public internet.

While I was waiting in coffee shop we started a new podcast and blog for digital nomad families I called Smooth Lifestyle.

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