Becoming a Dad Every Day is Father’s Day

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Becoming a Dad Every Day is Father’s Day

Yes, I have been a dad now for over 4 years, but it is a process.

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I don’t want to say it was easier – but it kind of was. Sure, there was the crying at night and the unknown but now that my 2 amazing kids walk around, go to school, talk to me (ya, more in Chinese, better than mine), this is when the “stakes” start to rise.

It is nerve racking. Am I doing the best for my kids? Will they grow up to be good human beings? Will something I said or did negatively affect them for the rest of their lives.

From the other dads out there I talk to – seems this is true – it is getting harder the older they get! Or – more dynamic. Now I need to negotiate with my kids, they want a toy, they want candy, they don’t want to wake up, etc. They are developing their personalities. They are making friends and hearing the stories from their friends about life and perspectives.

And combine that with being an American dad in China (well, Asia after we move) – and being the odd one out. I insist to speak English to the kids, even if I can understand the Chinese they are speaking to me in.

I have to remind myself I am doing this for the kids. They are getting an amazing international, cross-border upbringing. I believe this will help them in the future as the global economy continues to merge. Our next generation will have to deal with cultures from all over the place and multiple languages.

But it is scary, and it is hard, for me as an “odd one out” in the family.

Father’s day was nice. We went to a Korean BBQ and I wore my paper tie that Miles made for me in school. Trying my best to appreciate these times, as I realize they are growing up so fast already and soon will leave “the nest” and I’ll be reading their Facebook updates to stay up (like my dad is reading right now, love you dad).

So all we can do, as a father, a parent, a human being, is try to treat people as best we can and as we would want to be treated. Sometimes I lose my patience to my kids and I am sorry for that.

The father evolution seems to be an ever adapting one and it is helping me grow as a person for sure.

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