Considering Homeschooling For My Kids

My son Miles is turning 2 years old this month. Insane how fast life is going! And now that he’s reaching 2 – the beginning of school is on the horizon. This is the big challenge for foreigners in China. He’s not local Chinese, so he can’t go to the public schools. And the private schools are insane expensive. Where to send my kid for school? Asking Around For School Tips Of course the first place anyone goes is to their friends who have kids in school in China already. Some are working for multi-national corporations (MNCs) so their companies … Continue reading Considering Homeschooling For My Kids

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Another Year, Another Birthday – I’m 35 Years Old!

Thank you everyone for being awesome. Life is good. Each year keeps getting better and better. The last year was a bit of a roller coaster. But one thing is for sure – I am pushing myself harder than ever. Not sure how to explain it. Just feel like that maybe the stoic books I am reading is setting in. Every single day I am one day closer to death. Time cannot be reversed. This second I am typing this word out, will not be replaced. My kids are getting older. I can’t believe Miles is going to be 2 … Continue reading Another Year, Another Birthday – I’m 35 Years Old!

Anxiously Awaiting Baby Maggie…!!

Saturday morning as I type this up. Been waiting a few days for the baby to come. Second baby so I should be used to this right? Nope. Still. Nerve racking as the first. This one is a bit of a different situation, it is more of a slow process. Trying To Still Keep On Work Track Doing your own business while having kids is a big challenge. From my own experience as well as that from others in my network. I want to play with my kid Miles, but I need to write up a blog post or reply … Continue reading Anxiously Awaiting Baby Maggie…!!

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Merry Christmas From Shenzhen, China!

Hope you have a great one with your family and loved ones! Always think back to the first time I came to China- never would have let anyone convince me I’d still be in China 8 years later, crazy!

The Year of 2015 Was The Year of Discipline

The year of 2015, which still has over a month left, has been an amazing one. No new babies or family changes. Work is about the same. What is really exciting is my level of discipline that has developed. Still a work in progress, but I am definitely on a roll – and want to share with you today some of the things I have witnessed as I have grown this discipline. Started With Learning to Write Books How did this discipline start? I was working on writing my first book, and thus, reading online articles and books on how … Continue reading The Year of 2015 Was The Year of Discipline

Book 3 Coming – China Tech Startup Experiences

Been a hermit lately. While not much of a Thanksgiving holiday here in China (I had beans, beef, and salad for thanksgiving dinner, heh!) it is a quiet time from the normal workflow to get some projects done. The latest is my third book! Insane when I think about it – it was a bit over a year ago when I released my first book – Hong Kong Supercharged and I was so exhausted afterwards. Bit more of a textbook, its jam packed with all the knowledge I have on starting and operating a Hong Kong limited company. But I … Continue reading Book 3 Coming – China Tech Startup Experiences

Being in China These Years Has Taught Me To Be A Better Parent

Being a parent has been one of the most challenging things for me. I believe this is true for most parents. You grow up, experience life, try your best to master everything. Then, suddenly, you have a mini-me pulling at your pants looking up to you expecting you to take care of them and have all the answers. I think I had a bit of an advantage to most parents. Surviving in China for all these years. The Stress From The First Few Years in Chinese Business Looking back at the first couple years when I moved to China, man … Continue reading Being in China These Years Has Taught Me To Be A Better Parent

Settling Back In China, My Long Term “Home”?

Been back in Asia now for a few days. Still catching my breath from the US. Life is a beautiful thing. Having a family is a beautiful thing. Having family spread across the globe is a complicated thing! This trip was mostly a personal trip, to have my family back home meet my son for the first time. Miles can still fly free at this age, so trying to take advantage of that. Though a lap seat is a tough job for a parent! A good tip I learned from a friend Nicky is make friends around you and try … Continue reading Settling Back In China, My Long Term “Home”?

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Miles is going to have a sister (or brother?) – We’re Expecting Our 2nd Baby!

Freaking out as I type this – but we’re ready to announce – we’ll be having another kid! About a month ago Wendy was feeling it and we got it checked and it’s confirmed. I am so excited, and love being a daddy. I think having another kid with Miles will be great, and they’ll be a bit less than 2 years apart – which I think is perfect. Funny thing is we’ll be traveling in USA again when she’s pregnant, and at about the same time in the pregnancy (4- 5 months). Heck ya, another kid. But of course … Continue reading Miles is going to have a sister (or brother?) – We’re Expecting Our 2nd Baby!

happy fathers day miles 2015

Happy Father’s Day!

I love being a dad! I was so hesitant and afraid to become a father. Yet I always did want to have a child to share my life knowledge and experience with – to nurture and grow. This is my second year as a father – but last year didn’t yet get to even hold my son as he was still in an incubator. So I will consider this my first year celebrating being a dad 🙂 We were planning to take a day trip to Hong Kong – wife, kid, mom and dad in-laws, and me. But early in … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day!

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The Full Chinese Family Here

Happy Sunday morning! Sneaking some time away from family this morning to update about the newest addition to my home here in Shenzhen – my mother in law moved in last Sunday. She came down from Shenyang and we have been discussing this for months. After Miles was born, a lot of the family went back to hometown, leaving my father in law, Miles, Wendy, and I at home here in Shenzhen. It has been a lot of work for Mr Wang (my father in law) to stay at home since Wendy went back to work in April and I’m … Continue reading The Full Chinese Family Here

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Happy 1st Birthday Miles!

I’m typing today’s blog post up with Miles crawling around at my feet in my home office. Keeps tugging at the wires and so I am constantly taking a pause from writing to prevent him from pulling the laptop off the desk or ripping a power cord out. The new complexities of working from home 🙂 Last night we celebrated Miles’s first birthday. Just a small thing with Wendy, grandpa, and me. We decided to skip a big birthday celebration. Life is moving so fast. Think Back To 1 Year Ago Now I know how my mom feels when my … Continue reading Happy 1st Birthday Miles!

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Happy Birthday – Launching my 2nd Book – Free on Amazon For You

I’m really excited to be launching my 2nd book (first on Amazon) on my 34th birthday today! This year has been the best one of my life, and I expect next year to be even better than this. So to celebrate, I have listed my second book, Destination China, on Amazon for free! As part of the KDP (Kindle Select) Program I can give it away free there for 5 days. It’s my first experience on Amazon and already some problems – its 2:41pm in China on April 2nd, but still it isn’t listed as free on Amazon- I think … Continue reading Happy Birthday – Launching my 2nd Book – Free on Amazon For You

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Reliving My Old Childhood as I Raise My Kid

Writing this up on a Sunday morning, trying to write every morning and on Sundays I want to keep it a bit lighter – as I’m normally writing about business and I don’t want to get so dry. This is also “raw” and unedited on the blog here. Being a new father has been quite the journey – really way cooler than I expected, and one of the biggest benefits is I get to re-live my childhood memories though Miles (my son). Reading Different Dr Suess Books Each Morning My parents and sister mailed us a ton of different Dr … Continue reading Reliving My Old Childhood as I Raise My Kid