Family Trip to The Thai Hot Springs

Family Trip to The Thai Hot Springs

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We are in summer! Kids finished school a couple weeks ago, just as I got back from the epic 3 week multi country Southeast Asia trip – and we need to do some family bonding.

Wendy picked a local hot spring and we made it a family effort to research, book, and go!

Also practicing having my kids more active and educating in the video blog, hope you like that!

Some notes:

The hot spring map is:

The name is:
San Kamphaeng Hot Springs

The cost is 1000 Thai baht to 1500 Thai baht for a “house” or hotel room. Camping wasn’t allowed during this rainy season person – not sure when they do allow it or not.

If you do buy a hotel room, you do not need to pay for the park entrance fee.

Cooking eggs – we recommend and learned that 15 – 20 minutes is the correct amount of time at this temperature – 10 minutes was just still liquidity and raw in our experience.

Hot spring – a large shared area with a waterfall. I’m not sure if the private rooms are included in the room rate.

A very local and affordable experience. It is also an amazing sight to see things that nature can do.

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