Another year in the books, turning 43 years old

Another year in the books, turning 43 years old

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Hard to believe I am turning 43 years old. My brain still feels like the 20s.

Reflecting on last year, what an epic year of leveling up. Working on an entire new ecommerce protocol, pushing through re-building the Cross Border Summit, and trying my best to be a good husband and father all the while.

Glancing in the mirror at myself as I type this from a Bangkok hotel, and thinking of the Steve Jobs quote about looking at the mirror and seeing if you are doing what you’d like to do. And if you’re not, then you need to change.

But I have to say – while I am super stressed (and probably the most stressful deal happened last year), the things I am doing are what I like to do. And for the most part, I am working with people I respect and like.

So what more to life is there than that?

Hope all of us are working on things they like and surrounding themselves with people they respect and enjoy being around.

Cheers to another year.

Plan for this year:

  • Launch loadpipe ecommerce justice protocol to empower the sellers.
  • Have an another amazing Cross Border Summit this November 3-5, 2024
  • Keep contributing to Handshake for the decentralized web and other decentralized communities.
  • Be positive influence for my children, my team, and those who keep up with my work.

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