Family Day! Swimming on a Saturday Afternoon

Family Day! Swimming on a Saturday Afternoon

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Back in Chiang Mai from a hyperactive Prague /Copenhagen business trip, jet lag was a 1 day delay to hit me. Getting some rest and relaxation on Saturday when my daughter Maggie comes to me and asks.

Daddy- can we go swimming!


You know, life is short. There is a pile of work on my desk, especially for the upcoming Cross Border Summit, I was digging through – but just gotta enjoy these years. She is 7 years old, and before I know it she will be 17 years old and not wanting to be seen with me.

So let’s go swimming.

Quick drive with the family of 4 and we have a nice hotel pool to swim and relax around. Pizza, floats (flamingo, turtles), and more.

This is what life is worth living for.

Hope all of us make sure to enjoy and realize there is more to life than work (and yes I’m a workaholic)

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