Video: Why Did I Come to China?

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I’m playing around with videos and thought I would make one with Miles again and share why I came to China in the first place.

This is such a common question may as well share it with everyone and refer people to this video to get the story straight once and for all.

I never thought I would live in China, and thought it was crazy enough that I would travel here for trade shows back in 2007!

But I was so overwhelmed with things to learn and people to build relationships with I quickly moved here at the end of 2007. It was a temporary thing (I thought 6 months to a year) that quickly kept getting extended and extended.

Hope this video is entertaining, I’ll keep this text short and let you watch the video above for the full story!

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  1. Hey dude, don’t touch that! LOL! very funny interaction with Miles…..

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