Announcing China Business Cast as Part of the Media Group

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Excited to announce I have taken on another podcast – China Business Cast. This is a great podcast I was keeping up with since the beginning, started by JP and am honored to take the torch and continue the podcast forward.

The show is introduced as:

he goal of China Business Cast is to help entrepreneurs who want to learn how to do business in China.  The podcast features conversations with experienced entrepreneurs and business people who’ve built their businesses in China.  We’re here to dig into the details so you can learn from real, on-the-ground accounts of how business actually gets done.

And I think this is a great position to be in – there needs to be more business content about China – from real, on the ground people, not just the famous and high profile executives and consultants. I will interview people who are doing it, now, on the ground in China. Don’t want to talk about high level concepts and theories – but rather actionable advice and tips from real-world entrepreneurs and business people.

I’ll Still Keep Up Global From Asia podcast

So you may be wondering about the other podcast I’ve been doing – Global From Asia – and yes that will continue as normal. I’m excited to do the China Business Cast because it will help me separate the Mainland China content from the Hong Kong and international business.

So if you’re interested in exporting / buying from China / international e-commerce then stay tuned into Global From Asia

If you’re interested in selling in China, setting up a company in China, hiring in China, Chinese e-commerce, then China Business Cast is the channel for you.

Make sense? I was kind of confused myself when figuring out how to differentiate it – but many listeners on Global From Asia told me that either they only listened to the China business shows or the Export / Hong Kong / global business episodes on the channel.

Listen in And Give Me Feedback

I’d love for you to check out the China Business Cast shows – I have picked up from episode 20, with episode 19 being the transition show where JP passes over the microphone and I give my introduction and plans for the show.

What do you think – am I crazy to pick up another podcast? So there will be 3 now – Global From Asia (weekly), Forbes China interviews (monthly about), and now China Business Cast (every couple weeks) – I’m brainstorming more ways to keep you guys loaded with awesome content and appreciate all feedback.

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