Mid Autumn Festival, Mooncakes, & Lost Potential in the World

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Today is mid autumn festival in China, so a public holiday (Monday). Represents the full moon, harvest, families sitting around a table as the moon is symbolic of a circular table for the family. Spent Friday evening at a friend’s factory party. It stil amazes me the life of a factory worker…..lives in a dorm next to the factory, what else do they know? Makes me think of boarding school, they all know each other, see each other during the day, at meals, at night. I don’t see this continuing in China…..I see more development. Sitting there with the factory workers makes me think – how much lost potential is there in this world? Sure, they aren’t educated and that’s why they’re factory workers, but what if they were educated!? how different would this world be. And then someone may say, well if they were smart enough they’d figure a way to bigger and better things? Really? I would beg to differ. As this globe continues to flatten and coninues to develop, I pray for less lost potential.

Also spent some time with Andrew and Burt for the electrapour production….some rather disappointing pricing surprizes….its gettting too expensive!

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