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I guess I’ve found a great time to do international business…technology has allowed us all to stay so tuned in, that location doesnt matter as much…

Today I went over my blog posts, read back through comments, and reflected. I am able to follow through life via the internet. smiley-face

sure, i do miss my friends and family back home, but with email, blogs, facebook, skype VOIP – I’m chatting to people all over the world right now, commenting to blog posts, reading facebook updates. Staying connected.

And its getting even more mobile each day, who needs a computer even – it seems everything can be done by a mobile phone – I’ll be anywhere, posting and chatting.

now, only problem is the Chinese government blocks so many of these things….

But maybe that has what has made me…kinda go insane…I am saying everything on the internet, i don’t really have many secrets….its all just out there….and should I worry about that? I get a bit bold with what I say, wonder if it will ever blow up in my face (maybe some people reading this even are hoping it does! aiyaaa)

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