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Have you ever dreamed of an era where internet marketing was a lot easier than it is today? The tools available to assist the internet marketers can go a long way in reducing their workload and helping them get rid of the tons of repetitive and monotonous tasks that would irk them every now and then, when done manually.

With the advancement of technology, there has been a perpetual increase in the conduits that can be utilized to stay in touch with one’s prospective customers. So, in this scenario, the more tools an internet marketer has in his/her armory to make the marketing process a lot less complex and more systematic, better will be the chances of striking the right chord with the intended audience. However, when one starts pondering over the channel to be used to convey one’s communication to potential customers, this is where the decision making process begins to take its toll and things become a lot murkier.
When it comes to developing your online marketing plan, social media marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing are some of the primary components that are to be included in your strategies at all costs.

Once again questions about ideal websites for the marketing campaign and preferred antics to be used, pop out in one’s head. The options available in this regard are numerous and it becomes utterly confusing to decide which ones would make the best possible choice. In this context, EZSiteBuilders formulated an infographic to better explain you all these situations together with their inherent complexities.
Congratulations! We are going to help you out and present to you a gist of all the 42 internet marketing tools below. So, continue reading after the graphic. Happy Reading!


Social Media Marketing Tools

  1. BuzzSumo – This tool helps you determine what type of content would be the most suitable to clobber a certain type of topic or crush your competitors in a certain category. You can also look out for the vital influencers who can promote your content among the intended audience.
  2. Canva – Carve out some eye-catching and mesmerising graphical elements for your social media content and other infographic projects by virtue of an intuitive interface that requires the minimum effort possible.
  3. Digg Digg – This amazing tool helps you achieve the goal of getting increased likes and shares on your social media posts by ensuring that the user faces no obstacles whatsoever with a bar that scrolls down with the page and containing share buttons on the blog.
  4. Hootsuite – This is the top-of-the-line social media management tool that helps you streamline your tasks in accordance with their priorities, schedule posts, shares, likes etc..
  5. QuickSprout – This tool has been developed by Neil Patel designed specifically to assess a website’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of Search Engine Optimization, effectiveness of social media campaigns, platform adaptability, and plenty more stuff.
  6. SharedCount – With the help of this tool, you can keep track of URL shares, likes, tweets and a lot of other statistics on per page basis.
  7. SproutSocial – This is yet another leading social media dashboard that has been developed especially for burgeoning businesses to identify new customers and boost their interaction with them through appropriate branding and engagement online.
  8. TweetDeck – This tool provides a personalized environment to users to keep track of the happenings on Twitter.
  9. WooRank – This amazingly useful tool can be utilized to promote your website rankings on the search engine results pages and also bolster your online presence through search engine optimization, social media, enhanced user experience and more.

SEO Tools

  1. Ahrefs – With the help of this fabulous tool, you can carry out in-depth analysis of backlinks and also provides access to the most extensive archive of live links which is updated at 15 minutes intervals.
  2. Google Keyword Planner – This tool is free and is called Adwords. It helps the digital marketers identify a huge range of relevant keywords and other useful data that can be helpful in implementation of Adwords campaigns in addition to search engine optimization and content publishing.
  3. Majestic – This is a link intelligence tool that serves the purpose of pursuing search engine optimization and internet public relations and marketing. The users can make use of the site Explorer feature to portray incoming links and summarized data for the target website.
  4. Moz Local – This tool is for the small scale enterprises to enhance their standings in the search engine results pages so that their online presence gets the much needed boost.
  5. Moz Open Site Explorer – This tool helps you to carry out detailed analysis and research of URLs in relation to competitors, track backlinks, anchor text and other relevant information.
  6. MozBar – This is a web browser extension that allows users to pursue numerous tasks related to search engine optimization directly from the browser. These tasks include but are not limited to keyword research and identification, an authority audit, schema validation and reporting of various parameters and website analytics.
  7. SEM Rush – This tool lets the users research comprehensive competitive and paid data for keywords and filtered by domain or keyword, and get to know what their competitors are brewing in their cauldrons.
  8. SEO Book – This is a comprehensive suite of search engine optimization tools for the internet marketers and DIY webmasters. These tools provide wealth of information pertinent to keywords, generation of meta tags, and suggestions regarding appropriate URLs.
  9. TextBroker – This is a tool of dreams for those who are on the perennial lookout for high quality content. Marketers are charged on the basis of words at this platform.
  10. UberSuggest – This is an incredible tool that has been designed to furnish millions of ideas regarding relevant keywords with in the blink of an eye. It actually is Google Suggest that has been on the overdose of steroids (pun intended!)
  11. Unbounce – A landing page that is able to keep the visitor engaged and convert him/her into a customer is what is of prime significance for digital marketers and this is what you get with this tool. What’s more, there is no I.T. 1-click publishing and A/B testing. A huge range of awesome landing page templates are also provided.
  12. Upwork Marketers can find millions of freelancers on this website which is certainly the world’s largest online workplace. You can find everyone from budding professionals to veteran businessmen on this portal.
  13. Yoast – This is an authentic and highly efficient WordPress SEO plugin. It helps optimize your website with regard to SEO by adding appropriate meta tags and also integrates an automated XML sitemap.

Pay Per Click Tools

  1. Optimizely – This tool helps digital marketing experts to bolster their online conversions through A/B testing, split testing and multivariate testing. In addition, a large number of other relevant tests to check out the optimization of your website are also provided
  2. OptimizePress – This is yet another tool for WordPress that allows users to create user-friendly landing pages, sales pages and registration platforms without any fuss.

Content Marketing Tools

  1. BuzzStream – This is the globe’s leading web-based platform that lets the internet marketers promote their products, services and content to build relevant links, buzz and hence establish competitive brands
  2. Copyscape – One of the leading software that detects the presence of plagiarism in a piece of writing is Copyscape. It identifies any duplicate content within an article and determines if the piece is unique or it has been copied from somewhere else.
  3. CrazyEgg – This tool furnishes comprehensive heat map and scroll map reports that can be used to analyze the behavior of users and reconfigure the levers of engagement of your website accordingly in a bid to bolster conversion rates.
  4. HARO – This is the acronym for Help a Reporter Out. As is evident from the name, this tool lets you interact with journalists and reporters and share your expertise, advice and relevant information with them.
  5. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator – All you’ve got to do is to write in your website keywords in the search bar and you’ll get titles and relevant topics for your next blog post. Simple and easy.
  6. LeadPages – This tool provides leads, client contact information, and other useful user data from landing pages, pop-ups, social media platforms, advertisements, text messages and emails.
  7. Medium – This is yet another impressive site that lets you read stories from authors all around the world, interact with them and share your own ideas.
  8. OptinMonster – This is a magnificent software dedicated to generating leads and ensuring that the users who are on their way to abandon your website become active subscribers. This is accomplished by the platform’s state-of-the-art internet marketing tools and exit tech.
  9. PicMonkey Simplest way to edit photos is what you get from PicMonkey. You can add filters, different frames, and other digital effects to images using our superb free picture editing tool!
  10. Prezi – Opening new vistas between the realms of whiteboards and PowerPoint presentations, this is a great cloud based presentation software that provides you with top quality approaches to portray your content.
  11. SumoMe – A collection of free tools that can enhance your website’s traffic, increase conversions and boost your ROI. It also includes a free list builder to further unleash new horizons for gaining traction among the online world.
  12. Wistia – This is a fabulous video hosting service that provides detailed and comprehensive viewer analytics, supports high definition videos, and a plethora of other marketing tools that can help you gauge the behavior of your website visitors.
  13. Quora – This is a pretty handy tool that is used by digital marketers from all over the world to search out for quotations, find answers to a number of problems, answer questions in relation to their expertise, discuss different narratives, and explore new ways to ensure that their content becomes more visible and accessible to the intended audience.

Email Marketing Tools

  1. Aweber – This company is responsible for developing and operating optional email service that is being used by more than 120,000 small scale businesses, bloggers and business owners.
  2. Mailchimp – This is an online tool that helps carry out email marketing campaigns and newsletters and manage subscribers, schedule emails and track analytics.

Data & Analytics Tools

  1. BuiltWith – This web based tool helps you determine the technologies used to build websites.
  2. Google Analytics – This is another handy tool by Google that provides valuable information about the progress of your internet marketing campaigns and furnishes relevant data that can help you take steps to improve your website’s traffic.
  3. Google Search Console – This is previously known as the Google Webmasters Tool and provides detailed reports to the user regarding the website’s visibility and ranking on Google SERPs.

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