Things I want to do before I die

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I am cleaning up my desktop and computer, going through tons of folders and files…rather annoying but its good to go through it on a weekend – travel back in time and remember all the hopes and dreams of the past. Some are real, others never became – or realized something else.

I found a really great file, things I want to do before I leave this Earth. I wrote this in April 2002!!!! Good thing I keep backing up my data, here is a copy/paste:

What I want to do before I die.

have a respectable job, one that i love to do — done
have a happy family life
have a party house, where i can have reunions of all the wonderful people i meet
meet as many new people as possible
start a college fund


bungee jump
sky dive —done


tour europe — done
caribean — done
las vegas — done
visit hollywood –done
go to brazil
camping, beach
Appalachian trail
cancun —done
italy — done
montreal —done
iowa —-done

I would say, I am the same person I was then as I am now….. still a few things on that list I have to get done…. mainly my goal in life is to EXPERIENCE IT. And that hasn’t changed.

I really beleive I am not driven by money. Some say that is stupid…and yes, it seems to have gotten me into SHORT TERM problems in the past……even tonight my friend Jojo said “if you keep being so nice, you’ll even have no money to wear the shirt you have on”. So strange, but you know what, if that is how it will be, then I will have lived my life anyway.

WHO CARES ABOUT MONEY. you live, you die. Nothing can be taken with you when you’re gone. And your family and children should live for their own lives, not hope you pass money along to them.

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  1. Mike – I’m a little behind on reading your blogs…hey – if you ever get to Australia – I’ll give you my bro’s address – he’s in Sydney.
    Don’t believe about “duck” man – how did you find a place so fast.
    @your most recent post – unbelievable; cringing at every grammatical error
    @the red envelopes – it’s part of the decision making as the boss.
    Hang in there and write to you soon.

    1. Author

      hey Norn –

      thanks for catching up on my blogs – I’ll definitely take you up on your offer to meet your bro there – you know me, if I want to do something – I AM GOING TO DO IT!!!!

      email threat – yea, I’m not too worried, think its just another way to scare me out of paying more money to them….but its just hard as I’m not in my home country, you know? Feel more vulnerable here as I dont know what people are capable of, etc.

      red envelope – I know, I’m boss….but I usually need the “good cop/ bad cop” case, where I am the good guy, but say “well the others want to save money…blah blah…”

      Its definitely more then I asked for, starting up a business in China…..but hey, live and learn – grow and get stronger. right

      cheers Norn!!

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