How Long Will You Be Alive For?Put a Number on it!

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I’m almost half dead! (Morbid I know but it motivates me to take action In life and try to make a difference)

Life is short, and we need to make the most of it. I had Jasper on the team help make a cool little app to remind everyone (including myself) how long we have been alive for – but not just that.

How long do we have to live?

When do we expect we will die? What date? What number?

I know it sounds morbid, but I have heard this in various books and from very successful people over the years – to accept and realize that our time on this planet is limited. It has helped motivate me to make bigger moves in my life.


Because so many people say “I can do this later, I have time”.

I’ll start my own business later, let me save up more money first. Get more experience first. Find the right business idea first.

I’ll go to China to visit you later, I need to save money. I need to save my vacation days. Why don’t you just come visit me back in USA, I have a spare bedroom you can stay in.

The list goes on and on, since high school I can remember people giving me various excuses why they couldn’t do this or that in their life.

So maybe this AliveFor project will motivate even 1 person – just 1 person – to not wait until their death before they make a big move in their life. I hope to refer people to this one for years to come, as a reminder – we have been alive for ____ years, and we have ____ more years to go.

Check out mine here.

Check Mike's life calculator

Another… hmmm how to say… unfortunate….thing is my mother in law is probably counting her days now….at the hospital again this morning. Life is so unpredictable. Read the blog post about it here.

Try it out, give me some feedback. And I hope it reminds you how precious each and every second on this earth is.

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