The Buck Stops Here – Just Making Things Work

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So many times we are told “sorry sir, but what you are asking for is not possible”….or other forms of “no”. Our job in life is to turn no into yes! MAKE IT POSSIBLE. MAKE ANSWERS, not questions.

In this blog title, i quote Harry Truman in his famous quote

” The Buck Stops Here” – Harry Truman

I read a good excerpt on the healthy influence blog They say in his desk in his main office he has a statue of it, the buck stops here……

People need others who provide ANSWERS:……….well….even before that we have to know what questions to ask, then who to answer them or how to answer them…..and yes, finding the right questions, or identifying the problem is the most difficult part – answering it is easy.

I hate to say it, but i need to find more people who can provide me answers, not questions……i think more people have to learn to think critically……at least identify the problem before bringing it to me……

My dad would always lecture me that i have to be careful and selective in who i choose to be my friends……that you become those you surround yourself with, and people around you associate yourself with those people u r friends with…..

Also to be the new kid on the block is better then being the senior……sure maybe u r always left feeling overwhelmed or unqualified – it is good – it is because u r surrounding yourself with people u can grow from……that can add value to your career and personal development

In a way, its compounding….and in a way is part of the “unfair advantage” being born in an upper class family…..because u start day 1 in a network of people who van immediately add value to your career. U go to a school with other kids in that network – go to university in a ivory league…..compounding upwards

But many privileged children dont maximize this advantage, and instead destroy it….get lazy, feel like they dont have to work for it

And on the other side, the poor kid born into the city slums…..many of them curse the upper class….feeling deprived and depressed of the perks and advantages others are so easily given……

Then we got the ppl in the middle…..for the most part r kinda happy in the middle, get the education, a decent job, married, kids, house, repeat.

and now that my eyes have opened internationally….u can relate or transpose this to various cultures…..some hate the rich westerners, others worship…..the visious cycle repeats….

But there r those few, who dont pay attention to the level they start from, they study, the learn, they are sponges……..they just get answers, they fight, the buck does not pass them.

These r the people we should all work to become…..i am so tired of hearing ppl blame society for what they have in life

And my being expose to so many cultures, so many minds…so many thoughts….most people only surround themselves with people like themselves, and complain about the people they are not…and openly, or sometimes secretly, wish they were someone else.

Life can be a bitch sometimes. We have to learn to deal with the cards we are dealt and maximize it…..

I still struggle…..but i just keep on going….maybe I was born with more rights then others on this earth, but should I feel guilty about that – life is about maximizing what we are given, and appreciating that, and LEVERAGING that.

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  1. hey mike, youre right. you should expect people not to just always come to you with problems. you should have them come to you with a possible solution or solutions lined up and for some advice as to which path to follow. people should think critically.

    i don’t understand the reference to the buck stops here. i thought that was a tax quote. but maybe not. gotta look it up

  2. Author

    hmmm, when i grew up i remember my grandfather always using this “the buck stops here” idea to mean this is the last stop on the line of questions

    lets solve it now…

    no more moving it from desk to desk

  3. Hip hip! I salute your progression and frustration – finding good talented, critically thinking problems solvers is difficult – finding one that won’t F you over here in China… well I’m thinking that’s pretty much impossible.

    My solution is to leverage multiple relationships and a series of unbearable consequences to keep them from screwing me. However.. I’m going to get it in the butt when I start moving larger sums of money around though – I know it – I’m not experienced enough in creating and managing that leverage over talented people. Part of the learning curve I suppose!

    About social/cultural position and advantages therein.. I think we could all do with a nice long session of examining our privileges and how they play into our success. As a mid/upper-middle class child of America I think my responsibility is to be grateful for all that I’ve received and to humbly take into consideration the level of privilege people have around me when evaluating their degree of success. In real terms – in human terms.

    Cheers *clink* 😉

    1. Author

      i think especially in China….people like us just have to learn on our own….we always think we know more then the last sucker who got burnt!! bwaaahaahah – Chinese just laugh and keep em coming!

      Yes, I think “hedging” your relationships is the most important part, I think if you relied soley on one Chinese partner….they would realize this and cheat you. Its like a game, if they don’t need you anymore, they won’t keep you around. Its part of the ‘dog eat dog’ mentality

      cheers! beeeeeeeer

  4. may be your are right. i am a chinese.

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