Guide to Branding Your Business on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a fabulous spot for all business professionals from all over the world to connect with each other. Are you a LinkedIn user? Here are a few tips that will make your profile and company page appear professional.

There are a couple of options available on LinkedIn for configuring a business profile: The Company Page and the Personal Profile.

Design and style tips for the company page

The only design feature that is associated with LinkedIn company pages is the logo and show case pages:

  • The dimensions for the logo are 100 x 60 pixels
  • LinkedIn lets you create a separate page for each of your products or services. It lets you add up to a maximum of three products, however, we recommend you to choose your top three products or services and develop a showcase page for each one of them. The dimensions for the LinkedIn Showcase Page Cover Art are 646 x 220 pixels.

Design and styles tips for company profile

LinkedIn lets you connect to thousands of business professionals from around the world. Your company page should identify your brand and instantly inform people about your business. Here is some stuff that you ought to incorporate in your company bio:

  • Keywords relevant to your products or services or offers
  • What makes you stand out from the crowd
  • A link to your website

Elements of your LinkedIn Personal Profile

Even if you intend to use LinkedIn as a company, it is judicious to configure a personal profile so that you are able to connect to business professionals of similar interests and proclivities as the business owner. Here are a few suggestions for configuring your LinkedIn personal profile:

  • Ensure that you complete your profile. It might sound intimidating at first but think of the rich dividends that your business can reap through the support of thousands of business professionals related to your field of work who can be accessed and engaged with via LinkedIn.
  • Do not hesitate to boast about your credentials. Enlist your strengths and present a formidable personal branding statement.
  • If you are not interested in being hired by a recruiter, ensure that you mention business owner or CEO in the profile
  • Solicit at least five of your acquaintances for references or recommendations
  • Incorporate either your website address or LinkedIn Company Page URL

Personal Profile Design Tips

There are a couple of elements that you can design and style for your LinkedIn Personal profile:

  • Profile Photo can be of dimensions up to 500 x 500 pixels
  • The dimensions of the background image should be 1400 x 425 pixels but only the top half can be seen in the desktop version. The text, logo or website URL should only be added in the top two-fifth part of the LinkedIn background. The cover photo should be a manifestation of your interests, passion and projects and tell others what you are all about!

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