Small Business changes who we are

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I am waiting in the lobby of shangri la hotel in tsim sha tsui meeting my friend scott taylor from delta tau delta fraternity, he and i met in a leadership academy (2001) in west Virginia, he went to Georgia tech in atlanta – i was at Stevens tech in new jersey. We met again 7 years ago or so in los angeles for another conference, took a road trip to Tijuana, Mexico – and now are meeting in hong kong as he is on business travels for his company. scott taylor, lammy, mike It just amazes me how small the world has become.

they are on a business trip with their company… really makes me realize how much different a small business is from a corporate business…and how much I have changed…..

They are there with their corporate cards, expense reports and large travel budgets. Sure, i am jealous and somewhat miss that during my corporate days at deutsche bank….but i still prefer small business and boot strapping self financing….that money spent on the expensive hotel or private driver would come out of my pocket….makes it harder to open up the wallet.

I think this was all decided when I choose to start a business over get my MBA. I was in Deutsche Bank, wanting to expand my career and grow as a person. I was taking the GMAT prep test classes, talking to people about it. And everyone who went to those MBA prep tests, went there to GET A HIGHER SALARY in the field that they were already studying in. I was there to grow as a businessman, and as an entrepreneur. Then I realized, shit, I’m gonna spend all my savings on MBA school, and then be stuck having to work for a big corporation again to grow savings back to start a business…..

So I decided MBA wasnt for me, corporate america wasn’t for me, and I would venture out to build a business on the internet and overseas. Thus where I am today.

And as crazy and as unbelievable as you may think, i enjoy the fight. I enjoy it because i know its difficult. Because its more challenging. Keeps me a lean, mean, fighting machine. Its because you have to deal with everything, and its more about relationships and following through.

But most of all, it keeps my feeling of freedom. Sure those corporate travel budgets are great, but you have someone to answer to, reports to bring back to the office after you return. And the decision making, deal structure – you cannot be as flexible. You have your predefined agenda, what you came to do, and what you can offer.

Small business is more seat of your pants, adventure into the somewhat unknown. More risk….more opportunity. The stakes are higher, and your ass is on the line every day. You have to make it happen, and you have to find a way to move forward.

Yea i have to admit, it is scary at times….and i am constantly told i have to plan better….focus, and more defined.

But i refuse to be normal. To do what everyone else does. Need to trailblaze…..

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  1. u posted the pic when scott was drunk…… ;P haha

  2. yea that should b the best one of us 3 ;P

    david, get well soon!!!

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