The Ability to Work Anywhere

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Wow, The Ability to Work Anywhere

How do you adapt to changing environments? How to develop this skill?

A bit rougher for me to get up and start writing this morning. Flew into Saigon last night from Hong Kong – booked the same flight as my buddy Chris Moore. Here for a Dcx conference this weekend on internet businesses and masterminding. Always good to surround myself with other internet marketers to inspire me to keep cranking out the work, the grind.

Which brings me to today’s topic – how do you adapt quickly to a changing environment.

If you’re following the travels here lately, you’ll think I’m crazy – Miami, Florida, Colombia, back to China / HK, now down in Saigon.

One skill I am working hard to develop is the ability to make my workspace the same no matter what. But I have to say, this airbnb is nice, but the chair is hard and there isn’t a “back” to it – so I’m not in my normal writing position.

This is such a valuable skill – to not be affected by our outside situations, to be able to “get in the zone, to get into the flow” quickly without downtime.

But this morning has been harder. The flight was delayed an hour and a half (the flight itself is only a couple hours!) so we didn’t arrive until past midnight (HK time) or 11pm local time (instead of the planned 10pm local time arrival). To add to that was the fact I forgot to get the e-visa and had to wait in a long line at the border to process my single entry Vietnamese visa. One amazing perk was our Airbnb host picked us up at the airport sweet!

Still, didn’t arrive until about 1 am local time, or 2am China time – way past my normal bedtime of 10pm.

But today’s blog isn’t to complain, instead it is to say – I tried my best to still get up at 5:30am like normal – no excuses. Yet, the forces were too strong. The alarm got me up, and I haven’t missed 530am (even through the whole USA trip!) maybe for a few months – but this was a time that had to have me edit the alarm clock time by an hour or two.

Is this bad? Is this lack of discipline? Sleep is important, and health, etc. I can’t control the fact the airplane was delayed, and I made a mistake about not doing the visa online – but I need to adapt quickly. Don’t harp on the past and adjust quickly to your “cards” dealt.

So I’m a couple hours behind schedule in my morning writing routine, but still pushing myself to write (part of today’s writing session is this blog – as well as a bunch of Global From Asia content). Get it done, tomorrow I will re-adjust and get up at the normal time.

There are some who say a habit is broken after missing it 2 days in a row – that once in a while missing something on a certain day won’t be the end of the world. And also – you can’t let missing something break down everything going forward.

I’ll still works on my other to-do items this morning, and “grind” through the morning sessions I have laid out.

Will be a great time in Saigon and working hard to maximize the events and networking. Also meeting a supplier for our Para Living Amazon business too.

So what do you do when you lose control of the environment? Sure, I can freak out and get upset. But there is an amazing book that changed my life called “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior” – I try to think of that book when I get stressed. That I can’t control the situation, and I need to be a “peaceful warrior” in life.

To continue to march on. To live in the current moment, to not get stuck on the past or harp on negative people or situations.

Are you a peaceful warrior?

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